The Quality of Pet Food


Today’s message from Mary focused on the quality  of the food we feed our pets  If you can afford it buy a good quality natural product or one from the vet. C was fooled  a few years ago  buying a premium cat food  from the grocery store only to find out the quality of it was gone. Even though it had started out as a good brand to trust it had been bought out by  a large corporation.  And they decreased the quality but still lured C in because of the name recognition  and price.  It cost a fortune so it had to be good quality. C only found out when her kitty got sick and we went searching for another brand of food. A store clerk informed us the terrible food C was feeding her. We felt horrible.  We did find a good brand at the vet’s office (since she is older) which she thoroughly enjoys!

. . .  And this is according to Mary

6 thoughts on “The Quality of Pet Food

  1. We feed our feline-companions the best we can afford. Heavily researched beforehand and then even went about interviewing cat-experts- we were serious! Not only does it improve their lives, expand lifespan, but also helps to prevent disease later in life. So happy you found a good brand! Excellent post 😀 Cheers,

    Smiling Toad

    P.S. Love the photo of the fine-feline there indeed. What beautiful eyes!

  2. I cannot comment on cats, but I realised over a year ago that my dogs were suffering with bad breath, and intestinal problems. I decided then and there to change the diet. They now have wet meat but they have my own mixer. Usually containing a choice of the following, peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, peas, carrots, garlic, green beans, mixed with rice and pasta. Not only have all my problems stopped but my dishes are always licked clean and apparently veg for dogs is just as beneficial as helping to prevent cancer. I would never go back to a completely shop bought diet.

  3. My cat will only eat Purina real chicken with hairball control. She won’t eat table scraps, canned cat food, tuna fish, or cat treats. She’s 12 years old now and doing fine. Real chicken is the first ingredient listed.

  4. I sincerely believe that my dog Ben is now 18.5 years old and counting is largely owing to the fact that he huge parts of his diet has been human food … especially his early years and now again the past 5 years. Ben has been living with chronic renal failure now for 6 months. Once diagnosed, I developed a homemade low-phosphorus dog food for him which not only has sustained him much longer than predicted, but he’s actually seen improvements in his kidney values. The only variable has been diet. Ultimately, even the best quality store bought pet food is still processed food …. While Ben himself doesn’t represent much of a scientific research study, I’m glad I’ve had the means and ability to manage his diet at home and have had so many amazing years with him.

    • I feed my two dogs home cooked (organic) food every day. We rescued one of them a year ago. She came with several health problems. In February she had her spleen removed. That’s when I started cooking for them. Today she is doing great – happy, healthy and full of energy. I will never go back to commercially prepared food.

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