Heal Our Waters


What are you putting into our waters? Mary’s  message today is asking you to think about what chemicals and wastes you are putting into our oceans, lakes and streams.  Mother Nature has become a dumping ground for toxic chemicals, garbage and untreated waste.  This is going to affect us all.  We are part of mother nature living on this planet we call earth. The Native  people know this and have always protected her.  So don’t kid yourself you are affecting us all by polluting our waters.  Stop polluting our ocean, lakes and streams and we will heal our earth together.

And this is According to Mary!

6 thoughts on “Heal Our Waters

  1. Thank you for spreading the message… I’m afraid most folks won’t get this message until it is too late but I am hopeful that somehow we can spread this knowledge enough to keep our planet alive a little longer 🙂

  2. Such a meaningful post with a message to take care of God’s gifts here on Earth, especially the animals, plants and waters… You have such powerful messages and I appreciate them very much. Hugs, Robin

  3. This was so kind of you today, to share your list of songs with my readers. I enjoyed how varied they were and it made me smile, thinking of the songs running in your head. You are very wonderful for leaving such a nice, long message on my post about Sunshine! Thank you very much! Smiles for you tomorrow and the rest of the week, too.

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