Music Connects To Our Heart


One of my earliest memories is of me playing the piano. I had the gift of a mother who started me on the piano at 6 because music was something she enjoyed. Then in school I had several opportunities to play an instrument and sing in choirs.  It was the days before budget cutbacks. I rarely refused any.  I  didn’t know it  back then  but I was connecting to my heart and  healing myself by making music. I had a difficult childhood and music  healed me.  Mary’s message today is music allows us to connect to our hearts healing us and raising our vibration. Make sure you seek out only positive vibration music. Not all music is created equally.  Some is purposely created with a low vibration to keep us down. The internet has lots of stories on that subject.  Scott and I listen to Classical, Fiddle and enjoy freedom songs of the 70’s. Or  make your own music by learning  to play an instrument or singing.  I am teaching Scott to play an instrument for his 50th Birthday. He cannot believe how much fun it is and time stands still!

And this is According to Mary!

2 thoughts on “Music Connects To Our Heart

  1. Yes music can definitely be healing. It can be soothing, It can be used to raise your spirits too. It is one of the most wonderful creations of humanity. And we ALL can make music! 🙂

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