Keep It Natural This Winter


It’s hard to believe but it is almost  Winter.    Mary’s message today is all about the upcoming flu season.  She wants to remind us to eat healthy, reduce stress and do natural remedies instead of pharmaceuticals.  Eating healthy is very important. Our favourite site is Dr.  Mercola (   He has great knowledge about basic nutrition and how to treat  ailments with natural remedies.    Even when it gets   cold here we still get outdoors to embrace Mother Nature.  We love to walk in the woods or along the beach and  this  certainly keeps us healthy reducing stress too.   Scott and I have never had the flu shot and have seen so many people sicker  than when they started in our opinion . Our favourite natural treatment is Oil of  Oregano diluted in olive oil.  It kills a lot of bugs. We buy it at a health food store. They can give you the info on the dosage. And if you are taking  certain pharmaceuticals  you need to talk with   the health food  store staff whether you can safely take it with your prescription.  Raw garlic is another favourite we take to kill bugs.  We chop up one clove  in the morning and one clove  in the evening for no more than one day or two. (Too much garlic can be toxic.)  Heated garlic does not work it must be raw.   We explain we just had Caesar Salad to explain our breath. And have you ever heard of Aerobic Oxygen? It is liquid oxygen you put into your water and then drink.  It can kill bugs too.  We keep it in our medicine cabinet too.  It does  not  mix with certain pharmaceuticals  so talk to the health food store  as to whether  or not you can take it  safely with your prescription.

And this is According to Mary!

7 thoughts on “Keep It Natural This Winter

  1. I enjoy garlic, oil with the oregano and will have to include more of these spices and healthy habits in my life. So good to have you remind me of them, too. Thanks so much to you and Mary, too.

  2. Thanks Mary!! Excellent suggestions. My Grammar swore by a clove of raw garlic a day esp fresh from her garden ☺ peace love & light, jules

  3. Agreed! There’s a lot of bad stuff in those flu jabs. You’re right so much better to stay healthy the natural way as much as possible. Fresh air, exercise and a healthy diet do wonders.
    I’d add from my travels in China that root ginger boiled 10 min with honey and raw garlic added at the end makes a great drink when coming down a bit sick. If you do get sick the old fashioned home made chicken soup also works (must be boiled till the bones begin to break up as they are home to natural antibiotics)

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