Our Healing Sun


Mary’s message today is about the sun.  We get a lot of energy from the sun. It is very healing and will make you feel positive and happy. Don’t be afraid of it.  I have  always loved the sun even when the doctors were telling us to stay out of it.  I intuitively knew how could something that felt  so good so beautiful be bad for us.  So I enjoyed the sun my entire life.    Dr. Mercola (mercola.com)  has lots of great info on summer sunshine protocol for different skin types.   He says to find a natural  sunscreen that protects from  both UVA’s and UVB’s,  He also says there is some research showing that toxic sunscreens may even cause cancer.  In our neck of the woods it is winter but don’t let that stop you. Scott and I  get out every weekend to enjoy Mother Nature. The sunny days in the winter are the best because you appreciate l the feeling of the sun so much more. We dress appropriately and just lap up the sunshine. You feel so great afterwards.

And this is According To Mary!

3 thoughts on “Our Healing Sun

  1. I’ve got super fair skin so I wore sunscreen for many years but I started to realize that I was lathering myself in poison and just started limiting the time I spent in it or covering up.

  2. “lap up the sunshine!” how descriptive and delicious! I am so blessed to be able to do an almost daily sunbath to get my vitamin D old-school style in Southern California! It does uplift and heal and nurture me, and it feels so good! I have heard that progressive time in the sun to a base tan is safe, natural protection for our skin from the sun; also that coconut oil is a natural sunscreen though I haven’t used it.

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