Turn Technology Off When In Nature

DSC_4589Mary’s message today is all about turning off your technology when in Mother Nature. How can the trees calm you, the ocean heal you  and the breeze of the wind make you feel better if you have your technology on.  Scott and I have always gone to Mother Nature to calm and heal ourselves even before we met each other. We just found such healing and comfort in nature. We are the last age group that remembers what is was like before technology—going to the beach  without your cell phone or walking in the woods  with no smart phone to check.  What is so important that it can’t wait a half an hour. Leave your device in the car or turn it off. Scott and I only take his cell phone for car emergencies. It is usually off.  When we are in Mother Nature we don’t want to be distracted. We are heading to the ocean this afternoon for a walk on the beach and Scott’s cell phone will be off.

And this is According To Mary!


8 thoughts on “Turn Technology Off When In Nature

  1. I admire this thought so much! I find walking around in the snow, with my phone on ‘vibrate,’ ability to check just to see if there is an emergency text, really helps me feel tranquil and unrushed. I fully appreciate what I am seeing and hearing on my walks.

  2. When I am out on the road at night and the sky is clear, I turn down my radio and try to peek at the sky to see the stars. It is such a beautiful sight and I try to recognize each constellation that I see. My favorite time at night is when there is a full moon and everything has that glow. Such a beautiful and calming thing!

  3. This post coincides with me making the decision to ‘unplug’ or in my case log off of my FB and a few other social media outlets. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It’s been almost a week and I feel like I’ve come out of a fog!! Unplugging and getting out in nature is good for the mind, body and soul!

  4. The only technology I ever bring along would be the camera and a little notebook and a pen 😉 I have a flip-phone but am notorious for losing it, so it stays in the car or with the bicycle. Beautiful entry. Hope your jaunt at the sea was thoroughly enjoyed! It looks like it was spectacular. Smiling cheers,

    Autumn Jade

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