Take Up A Musical Instrument

DSC_6810Mary’s message today is pretty simple she wants everyone to take up a musical instrument. She wants you to know you would enjoy instrument playing. Music puts us in a higher vibration and playing one is so much fun! I luckily was exposed to the piano at early age by my mother and a music system at school before budget cutbacks so I had so many options growing up. I rarely refused any chance to learn a new instrument or sing in a choir. I loved learning them and singing so much.  I had a difficult childhood and I didn’t know it at the time they helped me stay positive. I have loved playing music and singing  over the years. I am now teaching Scott to play an instrument for his 50th birthday. He cannot believe how much fun it is too. You forget your problems of the day (I can attest to that) and time stands still. You do not watch the clock. Recorders, harmonicas and ukuleles do not cost must to try. Don’t worry about perfection and just have fun with it. Check out you tube–lots of people are posting their learning experiences there.

And This Is According To Mary!

5 thoughts on “Take Up A Musical Instrument

  1. thanks daniel for passing it on from mary; youve come out of your shell. good for yu.

    just a reminder there is
    Song Story
    40 people are invited to make a collective song
    please bring a poem or song pad n paper to write one.
    leeds college of music.

    monday 16th march 2015
    its part of ”arts and minds, leeds, uk” please google latter for more details; if iots not already on this blog, and is there a find button for the blog so people can find this and other events subjects of interest easily.

  2. I learned piano as a child but stopped playing when I went off to college then married. I returned to it when I brought my father’s piano to my home after I retired, and I now realize that my parents gave me a wonderful, enduring gift when they paid for those piano lessons… a gift for a lifetime.

  3. I picked up the violin when I was 30 and stuck in a hotel room for a couple of months due to work out of town. It was fun. The folk music scene is very welcoming to beginners, and many of them play by ear, so you can join even if you don’t know how to read sheet music.

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