If You Still Have Snow Please Feed The Birds

DSC_6379This is a short message tonight from Mary mainly for the people with snow still covering the ground. Mary wants you to go outside and feed the birds who cannot get their spring food source. Robins cannot dig for worms if the ground is still covered with snow and other birds cannot get their grubs and berries easily.   After a hard winter they are extra hungry. Scott and I were out tonight putting birdseed and raisins down wherever we could find a bare spot of grass that had melted snow. Also we put the food onto the park benches and anything with concrete. My sister gets day old bread and peanut butter and makes sandwiches for the birds and wildlife. She also makes suet. There are lots of recipes online.  Tomorrow Scott will be shoveling a small patch of my backyard to clear it of snow so the robins can dig for worms. It is only a temporary situation caused by the extra  late snow fall we have had in some areas.  Mary wants us all to do what we can to help and thanks you in advance.

And this is According To Mary!

12 thoughts on “If You Still Have Snow Please Feed The Birds

  1. Awe you are very thoughtful. I put water out too. During winter it can be hard for them to find water. I have to out out a fresh bowl because often it would be frozen! 🙂

  2. Quite right. We have been doing the same here in Scotland but at last it is warming up here! The birds have been raiding my pots and border edges for nesting material and in the morning you can see wee dents where they have been. I love sharing the garden with Gods’ creation. Keep up the good work!

  3. hello earthchanges its dennis the vizsla dog hay we never hav sno heer but we do hav bird baths owt so that owr littel frends kan wash up dooring the drowt!!! they ketch the water wot goes to owr roses!!! ok bye

  4. I love your title..”If you still have snow, please feed the birds.” Just this simple sentence reminds us not to bemoan our own situation (what??? more snow!!??) but to focus on others instead.

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