Get Out To Walk At Night


Mary’s message today continues with getting out into nature this time it is at night time.  Walking at night is a wonderful way to connect with your heart even if you live in the city. Go out and get under the stars. There is a certain silence at night time that helps you connect with your higher self and receive guidance.  Lately Scott and I usually fall asleep early but we are going to do more of this ourselves. We have always felt a sense of peace looking up there to the stars and our many of early dates were spent starring up at them.

And This Is According To Mary!

15 thoughts on “Get Out To Walk At Night

  1. I enjoy walking at night. I walked for two hours. The light drizzle was wonderful that I lost track of time. The downpour I was caught in reminded me how long I had ventured out. Yes I was soaked to skin, but I would do it again! Enjoy your Sunday! 🙂 Koko

  2. I love getting out at night in the summer. Nighttime is generally when I take my dog for her walk when it’s hot during the day. I take myself, my dog, and my camera! Thanks for stopping by my blog an the Like.

  3. Have spent more than a few hours out at night for some astro photography. It’s a great experience, provided you can do it safely. The last occasion was waiting to photograph a meteor shower – it all gives you a bit of a different perspective on the cosmos. I was wondering what to blog on today, so I may use one of those shots. Thanks for the inspiration and for checking out/liking my blog.

  4. I used to be a night owl. These days, as a mom, when the sun goes down so do I. It’s a survival tactic. But last week as I was outside photographing the lunar eclipse, I remembered why I loved the night! I need to take Mary’s advice and carve out some time and energy to reconnect with these lovely hours!

  5. Yes to walking at night and checking out God’s wonders, stars, planets, moon and shadowy natural phenomenon. This was a wonderful post.
    Just in case of hurry and scurry, wished to send you best wishes for a beautiful and blessed Christmas and a very happy New Year.

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