The Healing Power of Color

2013-07-27 15.45.12Today’s message from Mary is all about the healing ability of the color spectrum. Different colors have a vibration of their own and can raise your spirit and heal you.   For example blue and green are healing and so is pink. I wore a lot of pink during the separation from my husband and slept with a pink crystal. Pink also mends a broken heart which I definitely had. Before my separation I was always wearing black to look slim and to easily coordinate my clothes but I was not raising my vibration. I now rarely wear any black on my top and my wardrobe is filled with bright, happy colors. A brighter color has much more energy to give you.  To create the feeling of sunshine I like to use yellow.  My home has three and half yellow rooms my kitchen, dining room, family room and half my bathroom—even in the winter they feel cozy and warm and I am happier and more joyful when I am in them.  And white is helpful because it is very pure, cleansing and healing. White also has a spiritual quality to it. I always wanted to paint the rooms in my homes white but never knew why. My former husband was not amused over the years but I now understand. There are other healing colors in the spectrum not mentioned here. The internet has lots of info to begin your study. There is also a new color therapy done by using laser beams of light.

And This Is According To Mary!


3 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Color

  1. I love yellow rooms as they feel uplifting to me. It is odd that I’ve read some paint experts say that yellow creates anxiety?!

    I never wear any black and love colors instead.

  2. It’s fascinating to discover some science to something that before seemed so unrelated but I’ve always thought that maybe… Patterns as a whole might have a bigger impact, maybe I should do some research of my own 🙂

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