Keep Your Vibraton High The Next Few Months


Today’s message from Mary deals with the Spring Equinox and  the months after. Tomorrow is March 20 the Spring Equinox. There is a special energy a cosmic gamma wave coming in to help us all. Make sure you keep your vibration high tomorrow and in the next couple of weeks. This energy wave if you don’t stay high in vibration could offer you a few challenges. Scott and I plan to be out in Mother Nature tomorrow to celebrate this Spring Equinox. And by being in nature it will help us stay in a higher vibration. Remember Mother Nature heals us and raises our vibration.  So take Mary’s advice and be mindful to keep your vibration up tomorrow and the next couple of months.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . And This According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!

4 thoughts on “Keep Your Vibraton High The Next Few Months

  1. Working on this. Yesterday was overwhelmingly sorrowful for me. Although I have no clear vision as to why. I stayed adloat, shed some genuine tears and put ,y oars back into the water once the wave subsided..🙂

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