Good-Bye Kitty

This blog I have been not looking forward to. Mary wants me to write about my journey today. On Friday my little kitty cat passed away at 16 and one half years. Scott and I had no clue this was coming. She seemed very healthy just slowing down a bit. I wish I had known a bit more she was getting that old I would have made her last summer a bit more comfortable. It has been a hot summer here. On  Friday morning I came downstairs to find her under the chair which normally does to escape the heat but she would not come out. I thought her claws were stuck to the rug. I eventually pulled away the chair and realized she was in pain and was not moving much. So I called Scott to come over immediately he was helping his dad.. I don’t have a car anymore. So I  had about an hour with her to tell her I loved her so much and what a beautiful soul she was. I wish I had been braver and not cried as much but I was so scared I was about to lose her. I petted her where she like to get her loving. And did my healing treatment by rubbing my hands together and giving her healing  energy. She did seemed to like that.  In retrospect I am grateful for that hour. Scott arrived  took her to the animal emergency but she never made it. She crossed in the car with Scott in my seat wrapped in a beautiful soft blanket with my scent on it. I don’t deal with stressful situations anymore so it was best Scott was her. He put classical music on and talked to her gently. He heard  her take her last breath and never made to the emergency. They took her in and said she just died of old age which happens everyday. So I feel  grateful that she really didn’t suffer with any illness. She was an indoor cat. She certainly got outdoors as young adult. I remember catching her after a whole night out and her hissing at me “don’t ruin my fun.”  My young son was beside himself with worry. I can’t begin to  tell you the joy she brought us all. We got her as a young kitten from my sister’s kittens. I just knew she was meant for us. (I certainly didn’t understand  then that pets have contracts to be with us.)  My son was the perfect age for a kitten and the joys of having a pet. She raised all of our vibrations whatever happened she was there to purr and instantly help us heal. She will be missed forever!

The other part of this is that she has connected with me after crossing. Friday morning I asked her  soul to come to me. I didn’t feel her at first because I was crying so much but Scott confirmed he could feel her. She is here now as I write this  to tell you that pets cross back to heaven too. She feels young pain free and kitten like to me. We went to our favourite beach to heal Friday afternoon and she came with us.  I carried her with me and cried most of the time.  I also felt my two crossed over  parents there walking with me in my grief.  Pets have souls too that have  planned life’s with us. She could have easily been one of my childhood cats too.  And other lifetime’s too.   Reincarnation of pets is indeed true.  Grief is  the hardest part but is part of the journey too. Crossed over pets can come in our dreams. They  also are waiting for us when we go to Heaven or the Astral World. Some come back to us and our with us again in a fresh body.  I hope this gives you all some comfort as I grieve my kitty.

48 thoughts on “Good-Bye Kitty

  1. I am so sorry for your pain. I had a dog named Tinker. She was my friend for over 11 years. When my babies or I cried, she cried. She was protective, tolerant, patient and loving. Then she got a spinal disease and had to be put down. I mourned for a long time although not outwardly. I was brought up to carry on and accept what life brought. It was after I began delving into my spiritual connectecdness to the All That Is and missing my mother who had passed a few years prior to losing my pet, that I had a dream. I was taking a bus somewhere and it stopped at a station. When I took my suitcase and went into the restroom, Tinker was there! We were both so happy and she ran and jumped in my arms as she always did. When it was time to go again, she started to follow me and I told her, “No you can’t go on with me now.” We both understood. You see I wasn’t with her when she passed so I know it was our way of having a goodbye. I have lost some dear family and friends in the last few years from this physical plane; but our relationships were such that I feel them with me now, stronger than ever before, for now there is no space or time between their spirit and mine. Hugs….

  2. Sympathy for your loss. It’s always so hard to lose our pets. They don’t live as long as we (generally) do, but that does give us the opportunity to learn to love another one! Keep caring…

  3. Sympathy for your loss… I love having pets but losing them is such a fear within me that I never dared to get a pet….
    May her soul rest in peace…. She must have been too special for she brought a smile to the face of the people she was with….

  4. I am sorry you’ve had to say farewell. I have a baby boy kitty who is a senior citizen, and I love him so much, it hurts to know he will one day leave me. I’m sending you healing vibes.

  5. So sorry to hear about your cat. I have one passed-over kitty who sends me a cat whenever I feel sad about him. They have turned up in the street at the most inopportune moments &, on one occasion, when I was taking a bunch of kids on a camping trip, a cat turned up at the campsite! (I’ve done that camping trip many times & never seen a cat before or since.)

    I hope you find comfort from whatever message your cat sends you. ❤️

  6. I’m so sorry. I know that many of my pets have reincarnated to be with me again, and that helps. But I miss them in every incarnation when it ends. The soul is the same but the presentation can be different. Sending you loving thoughts.

  7. I sit here crying for you and am sending love your way. Only someone who has owned a pet can understand the loss of losing it.
    This post brought back sad feelings to me. We had a cat called Tallulah, my sister brought her to our home as a kitten and told me if I didn’t take her in she would have to be put down, it was love at first sight. We had her 20 years, and in the end we had to have her put down because of kidney failure. I cried nonstop for two days, on the third I felt her jump onto our bed and lay against my back as she used too. In the morning I told my husband and he said he had felt the same. Two days after that a small kitten appeared on our wall tapping the window. I opened the door to shoo her away and she marched into the house and went to sleep in Tallulah’s favorite place. We looked for her owner but couldn’t find them, we think Tallulah sent her to us.
    I really hope that one day we will all be back together.

    Sorry this comment turned out to be so long.

    • Wow 20 years is wonderful for a kitty. Yes I agree Tallulah sent her. All our pets are waiting for us when we go back Heaven. Yes I agree only a pet owner who has experienced the loss can understand. Some days I can’t read the kitty blogs here to even offer comments after a loss because I will just start crying myself. Thank you peace and love, C.

  8. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It was very brave of you to share this with us. I am so glad to know that your kitty was with you on the beach and your parents too. It gives us all hope. And I always felt that animals have souls, but you confirmed it. Thank you. And much love to you.

  9. I just read you post about your Kitty. I feel as if I could have written your Blog, as I suddenly lost my “Kitty” last Sept. She was fine, then the next week, all went down hill so fast. Although she was in the hospital for 4 days, I finally brought her home thinking she would recover being in her own environment, but within a week, about 11 pm, I called my son and said this is it. He picked us up and we went to ER Vet – it was the hardest decision to put her to sleep as I had in wrapped in a warm blanket and she just keep looking at me. I still wonder if she knew what I was about to do. It still breaks my heart when I think, although she was 4lbs at that time, could I have done more. So I truly felt your sentiments reading your Blog about your kitty, sorry for your loss.
    Pamela (MagdaleneJewels)

  10. So sorry for your loss. As a vet tech I’m glad you got that hour of peace, I work in an emergency hospital and I know first hand some people don’t even get a few minutes I. Some situations to say bye. It was a blessing that it was old age and not an illness, you did amazing as a mother to her.

  11. So sorry about your kitty. I truly understand how you are feeling as I had to put my “Kitty” (that was her name) to sleep in March. It was the hardest decision I ever had to make. As I was holding her in the Vet’s office, her big green eyes staring at me, I wondered if she knew what I was about to do. Although she was only 9 yrs – she suddenly stopped eating and like your cat started hiding in dark places, which I knew cats do when they are sick. After a week in the hospital at a cost of $2800 I finally took her home, sitting up all night afraid of what I might find in the morning. After putting her to sleep, when I came home my other cat kept looking around for her. They become like children and the loss we feel is just as great.
    Although I still feel guilty months later – I am going to the shelter next week to look for a new little “Kitty”! My thoughts go out to you, and hope you still find her presence all around you.

  12. I was sad upon learning of your beloved cat’s passing. I am so happy that you have lovely memories of your past 16 year old kitty. Your son is part of all of this, memories wrapped together. I am glad you were holding her when she passed over what some feel is a rainbow bridge. 🙂

    • Thank you so much. So many great memories. We always had cats growing up. I just couldn’t imagine not giving him the pet experience. He has wonderful memories of her and now a rescue kitty of his own. Yes our pets do cross over and live on in the Astral World. She came to Scott and I hours after crossing that Rainbow Bridge, peace and love, C.

  13. Just seen this – a beautiful and moving tribute. I lost my darling little cat, Dippy, two weeks ago. She was 18 and had a good, happy life. My partner and me started going out just a few months after Dippy adopted me (nearly 17 years ago – I didn’t know her as a kitten). It feels strange now there’s just two of us in the relationship – Dippy gave us so much joy and companionship – but we know she will always be with us in our memories and hearts. Much love.

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