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Saying Hello

The passing or crossing home of a pet is such a hard journey. Recently I lost my beloved kitty. It is one of the most difficult parts of our journey is  the loss of a human or pet. Today Mary wants to share with you some information that might help those of  us with pets as they die or cross back to Heaven or the Astral World. Believe it or not pets find it easier to leave their bodies when they die or cross back than humans do. Please consider this when you are facing the death of a pet. The other beautiful part of this message is that our beloved pets as they age cant be young and free anymore.  I think of my kitty as a young kitten and how the years  and old age changed her. When they cross back they are young and pain free again. It is so hard on us humans still here grieving our pets but they are very happy to be free of old age or cancer whatever was ailing them. So please consider this info as your pets age. If you have to consider putting down a pet know sometimes you are freeing them to be pain free or abuse free and young again. Luckily for me my kitty left on her on her own time and I didn’t have to consider putting her down to cross back and be young and pain free.But Scott’s kitty is getting up there too.  I cherish every moment with her. So we have this new info if we need it in the future.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!


8 thoughts on “Info For Pet Owners

  1. I read your words with my 19-year old calico by my side. Because of an inoperable mass that has been slowly growing inside her, that worry of “when” weighs on my mind. Thank you for reminding me that everyday is a gift, and that one day my decisions will be a gift to her.

    • You are so welcome. This is a new way of thinking for us as pet owners. Growing up we had to put down kitties for various reasons I wish I had this info then. The other beautiful part is sometimes they incarnate back in to earth in a new kitten body right back with the same person.

  2. When our Mickey was on this threshold, he crossed the bridge over and back three times before choosing to stay on the other side. He was a very conscious being and it was a great comfort to us to know he chose. Thank you! 😉 xoM

    • You are so welcome. Pets do indeed have souls and cross back to Heaven or the Astral World and sometimes stay in Heaven waiting for us. They can certainly come in dreams while we are finishing our journey here on earth. love and light C.

  3. Such divine timing! My sweet little Betta fish Spike just made his passage with my assistance on Friday. I am grateful for Mary, and for this comfort. Many blessings to all pet owners experiencing this difficult transition. Much love, Cyndi

    • So sorry for your loss, I cried for weeks when my kittie crossed back to the Astral World. Loss is so hard and we just have too get through it. I miss her so much each day. Time does help with the passing of each day it gets better. I can look at her pictures and not cry.

  4. My beloved mutt, Violet, is 12 and suffers from the same arthritis as I do. We even take some of the same medicine! Lately she has been very clingy and whiney and wanting her medicine before it is due. I am also in a flare so it is difficult for me to see her this way. The vet assured me that both we and Violet will know when it is time. But for right now he feels she still has some life to live. When I see her sitting outside sniffing the air I know he is right. Thank you for this. It really helps.

    • You are very welcome. It is so hard when they age and have health issues. Hopefully this does help all pet owners. Mary wanted all of us to know the other perspective so that when the time comes we have a different point of view. Sending love and light to Violet, C.

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