Turn Anger Into Positive Energy


Today’s message is something to help us again. Mary wants you to turn anger into positive energy. Don’t get angry at people be love each day but life can be challenging. Here is how Scott and I did it recently. I was frustrated with winter being stuck inside because I am afraid to walk anywhere far  since falling on ice last November. I don’t have a car anymore and rely on Scott for drives . So feeling shack wacky  I did get a little bit angry at him. Instead   of Scott eating breakfast after coffee we  dropped everything immediately went for a walk in the park instead of doing house chores. We used mother nature to heal. It worked I just wasn’t angry at him anymore.  Also when you walk your body releases feel good hormones called endorphins. Even the house chores got done  eventually later. We just took care of us first.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!

14 thoughts on “Turn Anger Into Positive Energy

  1. I love that phrase “shack wacky”! 🙂 Getting out in nature does really help. As a US citizen I have been very emotional – much of it anger – since the election. Last week my husband and I took a trip out west and and hiked beautiful trails at the Grand Canyon and other AZ places. It did me much good. Glad you put off the chores and did a little walking meditation. It is good for the soul.

    • Shack wacky came from an old neighbor from the country many years ago. Mother Nature is an amazing healer. Sometimes Scott and I forget to take care of us. Years ago I always put others first and have learned to put me first or there won’t be a me around, love and light C.

  2. I need to remember remaining positive when some about me whine about life. My glass has always been half full. I say tiny prayers when I encounter contrary individuals in life. ^__^

  3. I too, love that phrase, “Shack Wacky”. Hubs gets cabin fever, as we live in a sometimes extremely cold climate. A walk to the barn, or along the irrigation ditch road, in snow boots with the sun on our shoulders, is enough to bring us both back to life. Thanks for sharing!

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