Smiling Heals Us

Today’s message from Mary is all about smiling something many of us probably forget to do. I remember as a child performing in a group of school  musicians our conductor would remind us to smile  just before the curtain opened and we began to play our instruments to the audience. It was wonderful training for life. I didn’t know then the healing power of just a smile to the recipient and also the person giving the smile. It instantly raises  our vibration and heals both people the giver and receiver  momentarily. It is free to practice so please take Mary’s advice today and you can help heal and raise the vibration in our world. Trust me from my crazy life you never know what people our going through.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!

21 thoughts on “Smiling Heals Us

    • Yes sometimes life is very difficult and that is all you can do. I have had an extremely difficult life. I was you for sure. I think there is even a song out there. My journey did get better. That is what I have learned that life has a way of getting better. There are ebbs and flows to life, sending love and light C.

  1. It costs nothing to smile and it’s good exercise for your facial muscles although I believe you need more muscles to frown. Oh well, Just keep smiling.
    Nice post btw 🙂

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