Stop Pouring Toxins Into Drains


I was a little shocked that this message from Mary came through and  still needs to get out in this day and age. Today’s message from Mary is to watch what you are pouring down the drainpipes going  directly into our rivers, lakes, streams and oceans. Mary is very concerned at what is going on. I remember years ago we would pour something called Drano  filled with chemicals down the sink to clear a clogged sink without any thought. I still can’t believe people are still doing toxic practices like that with all of our environmental concerns. So please  stop this practice of putting toxic things down your drain. It all goes out to pollute our waterways.  Make sure anything you use at home is biodegradable   There are so many natural products being discovered every day. We are all one in this journey on earth.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!

9 thoughts on “Stop Pouring Toxins Into Drains

  1. A wise message. We don’t need half the cleaning concoctions that are bottled and marketed. Vinegar, baking soda, pure soap and plain old water work wonders.

      • Cider vinegar is a great hair rinse… I’ve been using it lately. No shampoo advocates say that’s all you need but I still use soap (Castille). Nice to hear from you 🙂 🌷

    • though, we were treated to some sticastatil analysis from Wages of Win. WoW is an analytical site that I enjoy reading, however, I’m unsure if there has ever been any

  2. I think this was meant for someone with a bit more control over the environment. One of the first executive orders that the new president signed was to repeal the clean water rule. This rule protects 60 perfect of the US’s bodies of water. He is letting coal companies dump waste into our rivers and streams. He is looking to cut the EPA’s budget by a third, relax emission standards for automakers, and yesterday he signed an executive order that takes a hammer to current environmental regulations.
    I saw this today. There is a sequel to the movie the inconvenient truth.

      • Do you machine quilt your projects? I’m going to try my first pretty soon. I’m still peicing it together(I design my own patterns). I’ll be sure to post it on FB. I couldn’t sell quilts either. When I had stitched a twin/full size it took me 6 hours a day for about a month straight. That is just way too much labor to pay for. BTs0382#&;theWe are beautiful!

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