Every Day Should Be Earth Day



Today’s message from Mary is  a special thank you. Mary wants to thank all of you who participated in  Earth Day which was yesterday. Those of you who embraced nature by going out in it and to those of you who did community cleanups, thank you.  To those of you who participated in rallies thank you too. Scott and I actually forgot but everyday is Earth Day for us. So Mary wants to remind all of you that every day should be Earth Day and we should all take  great care of this planet called Tara or Mother Earth we all live on.

Believing Is Seeing . . . .  And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!

11 thoughts on “Every Day Should Be Earth Day

    • my boyfriend & i are the same. we were friends for like four years before we got together, so we can talk about our hypothetical children & getting married & all w/o it being awrlakd.awso, your babies would totally be cute!

    • What about a swing, or the vibrating bouncy seat thing? Also, I would put mine on top of the washing machine (while running) in their bouncy seat/ or car seat. (And of course stay by them since they could vibrate off.) If you are desparate take them for a car ride.

  1. To a famer, every day is earth day.

    Secondly, the secular celebration of Earth Day was celebrated this past April. It has not disappeared.
    So, it has nowhere to return from.

    Lastly. to impeach a sitting president you actually need to go beyond spurious allegations and state facts that reach a certain standard. Let’s suppose that might be done. Then you have Michael Pence in office. Game, set and match. You have secured yourself a true conservative and highly competent conservative in the office and he will likely be re-elected. Thanks for the thought!

    Lastly to the owner of the blog that Anonymous hijacked, thank you for stopping by our blog and liking a couple of things we’ve published. That’s much appreciated. We also appreciate that you care about the earth. I think the only disagreements we might have on that is the scope of what should be done and how. But, certainly every thinking person wishes the planet to be as good or better than we found it for our children’s children. And so thank you for dedicating part of your thoughts to this worthwhile goal!!

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