Our Connection To God Is Through The Sun

DSC_0040Mary’s message today is all about the sun. The sun is our connection to God. That is why we feel so good when we are in it. This is fairly recent info for me but it does explain my life long fascination with the sun. I ignored all the stories about it being bad—how could something that felt so good be bad for us. All these years I was feeling God and my connection to God or the Universe’s creator. It all makes so much sense now. So make sure you get out into the sun and feel God and your connection too.  We still follow Dr. Mercola’s  ( sun safe advice.

And This Is According To Mary!

Read The New Scriptures of Jesus (Sananda)


These are  an  updated and true version. Find out what really happened those many years ago.  For me “C” this is a must read to finally know the truth of what really took place. I was raised strict Catholic and the truth is liberating. Mary Magdalene is not and never was a prostitute! She was and still is his beautiful wife, mother of their children and spiritual partner in life.

Here is the link.

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Happy Easter, love and light from Scott, “C”  Mary Magdalene and  Jesus (Sananda)