Trust Your Heart Mind Portal Over Emotions


Today’s message from Mary is about going to your heart. Trust your heart to center your thoughts.  Our heart or heart mind portal can help us  find answers rather than  becoming emotional.  Remember from our November 15 post our heart is our connection to Creation and can help us instantly.  That is the way our world is set up. So try to start going to your heart mind portal rather than becoming emotional when faced with life’s upsets.  I am a work in progress myself having lots of crazy things still in my life to upset me. I can say it does work. I think of where I was a year ago. So take Mary’s advice and change your life today.

Believing Is Seeing . . . .  And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!


Using The Heart Mind Portal To Manifest



Just to review  in our last blog we learned how to use the heart mind  portal to pull love into creation. This can change anything instantly. The second part is to use that love to visualize what we want in creation. It takes practice but that is the next step using that love to visualize what we want within creation.

We practice practice  practice  and then so learn how to have  eventual manifestation and keep practicing all of sudden  we have instant manifestation

We learn to pull love into creation and hold it. Now we are love incarnate  in essence.  What do we do with it?  We learn to visualize that love so in essence we become a creator in creation.

We can use  this love  to heal for example. Practice and practice and become like Jesus taught.

There is one more part  of our being involved in this– the soul mind which is  located in the middle of the skull.  Along with the heart mind the soul mind  is located in the middle of the skull and they align to the portal. And by action we learn to reach through the portal and pull love through  into creation.

This was taken from Many of One  Blog Talk Radio show April 29, 2014 if you want more info.

Believing Is Seeing  . . . . . . .   And This According To Mary!


Learn How To Pull Love In Through Your Heart

DSC_0049Today Mary wants to expand upon our knowledge of the heart. The heart is called the heart mind portal and is located in the cavity of the chest. Our world was built based on things that move have electrons. They move and have form. The quantum is the basic building block and it vibrates at love. If you take something that moves and put it in a field that field will start vibrating at the field’s resonance. But you can’t bring love because it is beyond the way this world is set up unless you use the heart mind portal. You can then use your being to pull love into our world. The fact is that love it can change anything instantly in this world. By using your heart mind portal you can actually use it to pull love into this world. On my personal journey I learned at some point to respond by being love to anything life through at me. I learned to just be love regardless of what problem cropped up. I continued loving the peple who had hurt me and continue to challenge me to this day. I certainly did not understand the mechanics as I do now. So next time you feel challanged by people and situations try just being love by pulling love in through your heart mind portal. Most of this info on the heart mind portal came from Peter Olson’s show on called Many of One, April 29, 2014 if you care to get more info.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . . . . And This Is According To Mary!

Let Music Fill Your Heart


Today’s message from Mary is all about music. Recently I attended a music reunion of the groups I had grown up playing with. It was a magical moment etched in my memory forever playing again the songs I had sang and played proudly as a child. As you know I was lucky enough to have many different forms of music education at school before budget cuts. Music puts us in a higher vibration and I was on that high for many days after. Mary’s message today is to allow your heart to fill with music. I am sure Mary was there watching so she wanted to remind all of you to embrace music as I have my whole life.

And This Is According Mary!

Music Connects To Our Heart


One of my earliest memories is of me playing the piano. I had the gift of a mother who started me on the piano at 6 because music was something she enjoyed. Then in school I had several opportunities to play an instrument and sing in choirs.  It was the days before budget cutbacks. I rarely refused any.  I  didn’t know it  back then  but I was connecting to my heart and  healing myself by making music. I had a difficult childhood and music  healed me.  Mary’s message today is music allows us to connect to our hearts healing us and raising our vibration. Make sure you seek out only positive vibration music. Not all music is created equally.  Some is purposely created with a low vibration to keep us down. The internet has lots of stories on that subject.  Scott and I listen to Classical, Fiddle and enjoy freedom songs of the 70’s. Or  make your own music by learning  to play an instrument or singing.  I am teaching Scott to play an instrument for his 50th Birthday. He cannot believe how much fun it is and time stands still!

And this is According to Mary!