The Healing Power of Music and Movement

DSC_1289.JPGThe Healing Power of Music and Movement to Music

This is one of my favourite activities to do playing instruments myself or listening to upbeat positive music. Music puts us in a higher vibration and can heal us. Make sure you choose upbeat positive music. Scott and I like to listen to mainly classical music and freedom songs from the 60’s and 70’s. Unfortunately not all music is created equal. The internet is full of info on that.   There is one other area of music that I enjoy personally movement to music.  Earlier in my life I used to teach exercise classes and certainly didn’t understand the higher vibration I would put myself in by combining music and movement.  I used this healing power of music after class to survive my crazy life. I had no idea at the time it was my medication for the day. And also adding music to exercise puts us in a different state so that time passes very quickly that you didn’t know the class was over. So those of you that don’t like to exercise consider joining a class with music or adding music to your exercise routine. So take Mary’s advice and raise your vibration and heal through music and/or movement to it.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!


Let Music Fill Your Heart


Today’s message from Mary is all about music. Recently I attended a music reunion of the groups I had grown up playing with. It was a magical moment etched in my memory forever playing again the songs I had sang and played proudly as a child. As you know I was lucky enough to have many different forms of music education at school before budget cuts. Music puts us in a higher vibration and I was on that high for many days after. Mary’s message today is to allow your heart to fill with music. I am sure Mary was there watching so she wanted to remind all of you to embrace music as I have my whole life.

And This Is According Mary!

Music Can Make Us Multidimensional


Today’s message from Mary is about music and what it can do. Music puts us into a higher vibration. As some of you know I grew up with music my entire life before the days of school cutbacks. I survived a difficult childhood through playing and singing music. When you sing and play a guitar or sing and play a piano or a harmonica and guitar at the same time you become multidimensional. Multidimensional is tapping into your various levels of vibration. You are raising your vibration to several levels. Even singing and playing ukulele will work. A ukulele costs very little and your voice is free. Make sure you buy the right ukulele for your size—a bigger one for a taller person.

And This Is According To Mary!

Take Up A Musical Instrument

DSC_6810Mary’s message today is pretty simple she wants everyone to take up a musical instrument. She wants you to know you would enjoy instrument playing. Music puts us in a higher vibration and playing one is so much fun! I luckily was exposed to the piano at early age by my mother and a music system at school before budget cutbacks so I had so many options growing up. I rarely refused any chance to learn a new instrument or sing in a choir. I loved learning them and singing so much.  I had a difficult childhood and I didn’t know it at the time they helped me stay positive. I have loved playing music and singing  over the years. I am now teaching Scott to play an instrument for his 50th birthday. He cannot believe how much fun it is too. You forget your problems of the day (I can attest to that) and time stands still. You do not watch the clock. Recorders, harmonicas and ukuleles do not cost must to try. Don’t worry about perfection and just have fun with it. Check out you tube–lots of people are posting their learning experiences there.

And This Is According To Mary!

Sound Is Healing

DSC_6820Mary’s message today deals with the Healing Power of Music. Music raises our vibration. The energy or noise coming out of an instrument or voice is healing.   Sound is healing. Playing an instrument or singing is healing.  I have had so much joy from playing musical instruments and singing in my life–I was healing myself from my problems and raising my vibration. Listening to great music is healing too.  Make sure you choose the right music to listen to. Not all music is created equal. There is lots of low vibration music out there.  It was made to keep us down and in a low vibration. Stay away from that. We enjoy Classical, freedom songs of the 70’s, fiddle, and New Age music.

And This Is According To Mary!

Music Connects To Our Heart


One of my earliest memories is of me playing the piano. I had the gift of a mother who started me on the piano at 6 because music was something she enjoyed. Then in school I had several opportunities to play an instrument and sing in choirs.  It was the days before budget cutbacks. I rarely refused any.  I  didn’t know it  back then  but I was connecting to my heart and  healing myself by making music. I had a difficult childhood and music  healed me.  Mary’s message today is music allows us to connect to our hearts healing us and raising our vibration. Make sure you seek out only positive vibration music. Not all music is created equally.  Some is purposely created with a low vibration to keep us down. The internet has lots of stories on that subject.  Scott and I listen to Classical, Fiddle and enjoy freedom songs of the 70’s. Or  make your own music by learning  to play an instrument or singing.  I am teaching Scott to play an instrument for his 50th Birthday. He cannot believe how much fun it is and time stands still!

And this is According to Mary!