Respect Diversity


Today’s message from Mary is to respect diversity. With the Election just passed regardless of who won. We need to respect the decision of the Election. Mary is telling us to respect what just happened. Please take Mary’ advice.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . This According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada!)

Time To Heal


Scott and I normally don’t follow the regular news but this past U.S. election we did. We always want to keep our vibration high and usually get by without knowing what is going on  in this world. Mary’s message today is that it is time to heal regardless of who was your political choice last week. It is time to move on Mary is saying. If you don’t move on you will be staying in a low vibration.  And that is not healthy as you know.  So please  take Mary’s advice today move on and begin the healing process.

Believing Is Seeing . . . .And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!

Stay Calm During The Next Few Days


Our message from Mary today is all about the election. She wants you to take a deep breath because its going to be highly emotional over the next couple of days because of the negative emotions  and anger attached to it. So try to stay calm and rise about the negative energy.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . And Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!


Please Help The Syrian Refugees

Mary’s message today is very short. She wants us all to show some compassion toward the Syrian Refugees. Do whatever you can do to help be it a donation of some sort or volunteer your time. And please welcome these souls if they are coming to a city or town near you.  Don’t be afraid.  We are all one we have just forgotten. They are our brothers and sisters and need our love, help and compassion right now.  Please do your best right now.

Believing Is Seeing  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   And This Is According To Mary Magdalene!

Oh to Live in Denmark!

Leaves Floating on Water

I was just checking the website and according to their data Denmark is leading the way in terms of government transparency and the least amount of perceived corruption in the public sector.

There’s been a wave hasn’t there? All around the world it has been more and more difficult for governments to continue to do business the way they have in the past. Meetings behind closed doors; policies created for the good of corporations; passing laws and bills without informing the general public about the true impact on our environment, health or civil liberties.

For years we have let governments operate without question…we have been skeptical, but haven’t been vocal…too busy watching the latest reality show perhaps. But we see this changing. We are looking for transparency…we are looking for openness…we are looking for a change in focus. Protect the interest of the people, not the special interest groups, and certainly not the interests of the politicians.

What used to be hidden is now coming to the forefront…and as citizens of the world we want to know more. We are seeing politicians who were once trying to line their pockets are now being exposed. We are seeing that politicians are no longer able to hide from scandal. We are seeing policy exposed that impact our environment, safety and wellbeing.

We are only part way there…this feels like it is only the beginning…there are still laws and policies in place that protect the imbalance with financial corporations and the general public…there are still politicians who feel entitled to their entitlements…there are still governments who are not willing to give up their own control to better the lives of their citizens…and there are still leaders who refuse to admit any sign of weakness by disclosing their err on judgment.

Mary has asked us to keep on listening….latch on to those causes that will benefit the majority and protect the environment…insist on discloser and transparently from all levels of government…where do our hard earned tax payer’s dollars go…ask questions….expect answers…not just talking points.

…continue to reach out…protect the earth, protect your loved ones….continue to follow your heart and look within….and this is according to Mary!

If you are curious as to where your country ranks use the following link: