Don’t Let Actions of Others Lower Vibration


Today’s message from Mary is one again I have had lots of practice with. Today’s message from Mary is to not let the actions of others lower your vibration. I know I have talked about this  before that somewhere in my journey I  learned to just be love instead of responding with human emotions like  hate, anger, jealousy.  Regardless of what was done to me I responded by loving that person.  I have been told that this has been my hardest life ever so I have had lots of practice.   It took a while to get to this  being love  reaction. It certainly didn’t happen overnight. To this day I am still  friendly toward my ex spouse regardless of what he did to me. Lots of people have never understood my loving action toward people that have hurt me.  The bottom line is  I have figured out  over the years we are all loving pieces of God or Prime Creator having life experiences sometimes we have some hard life experiences  to go though on purpose to have that life experience  or resolve karma. So being love is the perfect response to the actions of others. It keeps you feeling high in high vibration and unaffected by the actions of others and who knows you might even be resolving some karma.

Believing Is Seeing .  .  . . And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!

Take The Anger Out Of Conflict


Mary’s message today is one that I  have had lots of experience with. Her message today is to take the anger out of conflict. I am a work in progress certainly not there 100 percent myself. I had learned somewhere in my journey  to only respond  with love instead of anger. It was called being love. Instead of getting angry with someone you just be love regardless of whatever is thrown at you you respond by loving them anyway. It was certainly what Sananda (Jesus) taught. So at some point in my life I started to just respond with love regardless of what they had done to me. That had become a lot easier to do over time instead of getting angry at their actions I just didn’t and continued to love them. That certainly helps with angry outbursts I used to have after they had hurt me.   My son thinks I role modelled weakness but I am okay with it.  The other thing I do is set my intentions for the day. I  have changed what I say each morning instead of “What A Wondrous Glorious Loving Day” from our December 6 , 2015 post to  ” I intend a wonderful magnificent loving day and always  being thinking acting and talking  in a positive way.”  I picture my day going well. We co created our reality so this goes to help our day go smoothly.Instead of thinking about getting angry when things don’t go my way I say this statement and it instantly raises my vibration by acting thinking being and talking in a positive way. This is from Peter Olson’s Many of One Shows which I am studying. . We have a link. There is a little more to it. Try these magic words soon.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!

Help For Depression

DSC_7045Mary’s message today deals with Depression. Mary knows many of you suffer from it and she wants to help you. She wants you to look for the light. With Depression you tend to focus on the dark but Mary says you should focus on the light and the positive in your life. Look for the good things in it. Let go of negative memories and focus on what is good in your life. I  don’t have Depression myself but have had such a hard life that I too have to focus on the positive things that have happened to me– music, a beautiful partner  later in life and  a few good friends. I would never get out of bed if I focused on the negative things that have happened to me. The other thing I do is to not think about how I feel and just get out of bed dragging my feelings behind me. I heard that technique many years ago on the radio. Another thing that has helped my mood is staying off white sugar. Too much sugar can cause mood swings. Years ago I read a book called Sugar Blues. White sugar can be quite dangerous. Scott and I treat ourselves on special occasions with treats like cake. Stevia is a wonderful  natural sweetener we use. Also a deficiency in certain vitamins can cause depression. Dr. Mercola at  has lots of the latest info on nutrition. Getting enough sunshine safely which certain helps depression. We follow Dr. Mercola’s sunshine protocol. Get plenty of exercise too. Your body releases feel good chemicals called endorphins. Get out into Mother Nature too as she heals us. Walk barefoot on the ground called grounding. A good night sleep is very helpful. For occasional sleepless nights try Melatonin which is natural. We use sleep music with ocean sounds and Scott has a moonbeam clock which wakes him up naturally. The Hollow Earth Network has lots of new natural healing supplements which I have just started on two products myself. We have a link on this site. One more thing Scott and I take drops of oxygen put into water. It can help with your mood to and help lots of ailments.

And This Is According To Mary!