Don’t Let Others Drain Your Energy

DSC_5041Mary’s message today deals with energy and something I have lots of experience with during my crazy life. Mary’s message today is to be aware when you exchange energy with people you are not letting your energy be drained. My ex and my son are both fire signs so there was always lots of strong energy exchanged in our house.  (I jokingly say what was I thinking 2 fire signs  in my home many years ago when I was planning my life.) They are both very strong willed and both  wanted the last word in any disagreements they would have. I would be sucked into their energy vortex many times and lowered my vibration without even knowing it. I am ruled by Pieces and just wanted peace but I would be sucked into their disagreements and soon I would be angry too  and lowering my vibration. I knew a few coping mechanisms like healing in nature, exercise, upbeat music. or playing music myself. Over the years I have added meditation, statements like “What a wondrous glorious loving day it is” to  instantly raise my vibration. from our Dec. 6 blog “Quick 8 Words To Raise  Your Vibration.” The other point Mary wants to make is to recognize when this is happening and not let it. Also this works in the reverse make sure you don’t intentionally bring someone’s vibration down unnecessarily. This happened to me personally recently while talking to a friend I realized I was lowering her vibration and mine by talking about my crazy past. I immediately apologized and changed the conversation to a higher vibration.

Believing Is Seeing . . . .And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!

The Power of Meditation

DSC_8636Mary’s message today is about the power of meditation. Meditation is different than prayer. Prayer is petitioning or begging God for something where as meditation is direct communication with your higher self or oversoul as some people refer to it. We are all on a spiritual journey of being born many times having different lessons each lifetime so direct communication with your higher self is very helpful in the journey. He or she is guiding you throughout life’s challenges whether you realize this or not.  This is very different than what the churches teach. You can of course ask God or Prime Creator or any other being in heaven also called an Ascended Master like Jesus or Sananda his soul name for help at any time too but why not start communicating with your higher self too to help get direction in your life. They are on the other side or heaven or astral world working on your behalf to help you complete your lessons.  Our favourite place to meditate is nature without any distractions like smartphones but you can meditate anytime of the day or place to quietly connect. Meditation is very powerful healer too. I used it immensely the first year or two when I first separated from my ex and needed quiet healing and reflection on what was next in my life. I had no idea of this blog or meeting up with Scott which would prove to be very healing too. If you don’t know where to start with a guided meditation from someone else.  You tube has lots of free ones.  Wayne Dyer was my favourite for many years. The Hollow Earth Network has lots of free guided healing meditations in their archives on their blog talk radio site. We have a link.  Even Scott and I when in the crazy of our life forget to use this powerful tool and meditate to heal ourselves and our relationship.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!

Learn How To Pull Love In Through Your Heart

DSC_0049Today Mary wants to expand upon our knowledge of the heart. The heart is called the heart mind portal and is located in the cavity of the chest. Our world was built based on things that move have electrons. They move and have form. The quantum is the basic building block and it vibrates at love. If you take something that moves and put it in a field that field will start vibrating at the field’s resonance. But you can’t bring love because it is beyond the way this world is set up unless you use the heart mind portal. You can then use your being to pull love into our world. The fact is that love it can change anything instantly in this world. By using your heart mind portal you can actually use it to pull love into this world. On my personal journey I learned at some point to respond by being love to anything life through at me. I learned to just be love regardless of what problem cropped up. I continued loving the peple who had hurt me and continue to challenge me to this day. I certainly did not understand the mechanics as I do now. So next time you feel challanged by people and situations try just being love by pulling love in through your heart mind portal. Most of this info on the heart mind portal came from Peter Olson’s show on called Many of One, April 29, 2014 if you care to get more info.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . . . . And This Is According To Mary!

After A Hard Winter Appreciate Spring


Where do I begin.  We have had a rough winter here. We even had more snow last night here–quite a surprise again.  I know Mary has this message for us specifically and our other friends out there still dealing with winter.  As spring develops and winter finally bids us farewell Mary wants us to focus on appreciating the positive aspects of the spring season such as the beauty of a new spring flower.  Don’t be so bogged down with what has happened in winter that you  forget to enjoy the positive aspects of spring and the rebirth of Mother Earth and us as her children. The flowers are from my garden last year.  The snow will eventually melt and we will see the beauty of this year’s blossoms.

And this is According To Mary!