Don’t Cocoon This Winter

DSC_8522Mary’s message today is for those of you experiencing winter and want to stay home and cocoon.  Mary wants you to embrace the elements and enjoy winter all the beauty it has to offer. Scott and I are quite used to doing this. Just yesterday a few hours after a snowstorm we made it to a local park for a beautiful winter walk. The trees were majestic with their snow covered magic. Usually by the time we get to the woods the snow may have melted a bit. Scott is tall and he even had to move the branches  from the trail as they hung so low with snow. Not many people were out yet so we had the park almost to ourselves. It was surreal the quiet stillness of the woods. It will be a high point of our winter walks this year and it was only a plan B.  We had started for the ocean but realized the lot where we park was not plowed yet and being old we didn’t want to get stuck so we opted for plan B a city park. We never thought to bring the camera so this picture today is from a cold, cold day last year. It was so cold I thought my face had frozen a bit. We always wear warm clothing. Don’t forget all of the elements like wind heal us  and raise our vibration because we are made from Mother Nature  and you can still ground (connecting with the earth to heal) with your boots on. So take Mary’s advice get out enjoy winter.

Believing Is Seeing . . . .And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!

Winter Therapy


Mary’s message today is about even though it is getting cold outside you still need to get out and embrace nature. Nature is very healing,. We are all part of Mother Nature. Even  when the seasons change  we still need to bundle up and go for walks  in the woods or along the beach.  We are made of her so she can heal us just by being in her. Think how good you feel after a walk in your local  park or  on a beach.  Being in Mother Nature raises your vibration so you feel happier. Scott and I didn’t get out this weekend and I feel it myself today. We had to stay inside and clear out my basement for a contractor coming to my house to do some work. (That is why this message is a day late too. So sorry.)

And this is According To Mary!