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Mother Earth Part 2


Today’s message from Mary is a bit more information from last week about Mother Earth. Remember  from last week that she was a fifth dimensional being who lowered herself in vibration to third dimension to become a planet and allow us to have  life experiences on her. Today’s message is a bit more info on Tara or Mother Earth. Mother Earth herself is Ascending as a planet to full fifth dimension. And most of us  living here on the planet will be Ascending  too and are at various stages of Ascension to fifth dimension as well.

We are taking  a little break for the holidays. Have a great one from us.  Before we go  Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada) and Jesus (Sananda) are here to send you peace,  love and light during this  holiday season.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!

Calling all lightworkers

There is an important article from Inelia Benz that you will find of interest.  We will be doing our part to upgrade the human DNA on the next few Saturdays.  Please join in if you can.


Channelling Mary Magdalene Ascension Is Love

Hello, my name is Scott.  To start with I truly believe that we are all on a journey and we all have purpose.  A little over a year ago my spiritual advisor revealed to both me, and the love of my life, our purpose.  The two of us had a mission…we were to deliver a message to those who might need our help…to anyone who was looking for guidance from Mary…we were to channel Mary Magdalene…he called the messages from her “According to Mary”!

So according to Mary…here we go!

Of course there were many initial attempts to channel Mary.  We knew that we had to be close to water, and we needed to be in each other’s presence. We drove to the beach on several occasions, and as we walked through trails we would stop by babbling brooks, and trickling streams.  I would receive images at first, but not always messages. Then I would receive messages, but they were mainly for me, or my partner. I could feel her presence, and I could feel from her that I was on the right path, and it would eventually come to me.  Her presence was always kind, and somewhat whimsical.  I always felt she had a sense of humour and at the same time I felt the presence of a great teacher.

The first time I felt successful at receiving a true message from Mary was on March 3, 2012.  We decided to sit down and center ourselves around a flowing water fountain…it was a sunny morning…we cleared our minds the best we could…the sun was beaming into the sunroom…and we began to focus…we held hands…and started to feel our energy flow…we started to open up to any and all messages Mary was willing to share.  It was only a few minutes into our session when I felt Mary’s presence…it was if she reached around from behind me and over my shoulder hugged we with one arm.  This was the second time I had felt this sensation.  The first of course was a few months back when my spiritual advisor was assuring us of our mission (yes I went back to see him more than a few times looking for clarification on the mission…thinking he was mistaken, or had us confused with someone else)…so the first thing I saw was a ladder…or more so a series of steps…instantly the message came from Mary…it was all about the Ascension we are going through. It is all about love.

Love is the Ascension, Ascension is love.  In order to reach a higher vibration, to raise oneself spiritually, one has to embrace the benefits of love…aspire to love, aspire to be loved…Unconditional love.    The second image I saw was basically an endless hole, or shaft…it was infinite…and according to Mary the depth of love is endless…so continue to find ways to let it grow…let it radiate from you.

There is such a power that comes with love.  Many of us take it for granted, and abuse it…but we shouldn’t.   We should embrace it, treasure it, nurture it, and grow with it…let it grow us…love can make us better and more caring people…it helps us grow spiritually, it helps us heal, it helps us raise our vibration, and it will help us in our journey.

…and this is according to Mary!

So feel free to listen in every now and then, comment, or ask questions.