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Nature Is Perfect


As I was sitting looking out my window this morning, I could hear each raindrop.  I knew that each raindrop was clearing the air.  I knew each raindrop was watering and feeding the grass…the plants…helping to re-build the water table.  I could also see that the leaves on the trees were beginning to change colour.  I could see a hint of yellow, a hint of orange, a hint of red.  As the rain fell a leaf here and there would also fall.  Again providing nutrients for the plant life over time.

This week Mary wanted to remind us that nature is perfect.  It has a plan, it has a path, and it has it’s cycles.  Embrace this plan and draw from it.  Enjoy the path, enjoy the beauty and learn from it.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!

After A Hard Winter Appreciate Spring


Where do I begin.  We have had a rough winter here. We even had more snow last night here–quite a surprise again.  I know Mary has this message for us specifically and our other friends out there still dealing with winter.  As spring develops and winter finally bids us farewell Mary wants us to focus on appreciating the positive aspects of the spring season such as the beauty of a new spring flower.  Don’t be so bogged down with what has happened in winter that you  forget to enjoy the positive aspects of spring and the rebirth of Mother Earth and us as her children. The flowers are from my garden last year.  The snow will eventually melt and we will see the beauty of this year’s blossoms.

And this is According To Mary!

Positive Energy – Where do you find it?

Enjoy your walk!

Enjoy your walk!

We all face negativity…maybe at work…maybe at home…maybe with friends…certainly in the media. When was the last time you heard a “good” news story…or when was the last time you watched a movie or show that didn’t have violence or negativity embedded in there somewhere?

So what can we do to recharge ourselves and counteract negative energy?  Mary wanted to remind us that embracing nature is a quick and easy fix that can have you feeling right as rain in no time.  Just taking a walk in a nature park, or on a trail…getting a little bit of earth under your feet can lift your vibrations almost instantly.

Open all of your senses to the experience…let your eyes take in the colours; the organic shapes; the wispy flow of the landscape; the perfect imperfections found in nature. Let your feet feel the crunching of the leaves; the crunching of freshly packed snow; the grittiness of dirt, rock or sand beneath your feet or between your toes.  Breath in the beauty of nature…each season has its unique blend of aromas that can take us back to a positive time in our lives. Listen to the waves, the tricking water, the wind, the birds and animals that are close by, listen to the positive energy that the earth can provide.

Can you feel your vibrations rising already? Can you feel the negativity melt away and a more positive energy taking over your body and soul?  Can you feel your blood pressure dropping and your outlook changing?   Sure you can:-)

Take advantage of the world around you.  Take that extra trip that gets you out of the city.  Take those extras few minutes to stop and embrace nature that may be in your own backyard.  Do it for you…do it for those you love…do it for your heart…do it for your soul…and share the experience with those you love and of course share your positive energy…it’s contagious!

…and this is according to Mary

Are you in Denial?

Fall is here

Don’t deny yourself.

One of the problems with living in an area with four distinct seasons is that there is a risk that you will start living in denial. Summers in our neck of woods seem to go by way too quickly and recently “C” and I have been denying that summer is actually over and have been spending each weekend at the beach dipping our toes in the water…pushing the summer envelop as long as we can.

Reality is here and more importantly so is autumn. It is time for us to embrace the fall. The leaves have changed and they are spectacular. The vivid colours are amazing. The reds, the yellows, the oranges, the earth tones…they are all simply breathtaking.

In a recent message from Mary she wanted to remind us of how beautiful nature can be in many parts of the world during the fall…and that we should be out embracing the change of seasons…drink in the colours…they are more healing than you think…there is just something about the energy of this time of year…you need to embrace it…breath it in…connect with mother earth…recognize that making this connection can change your state of mind and increase your vibrations…enjoy it and don’t deny yourself the beauty and love that nature is providing us during this short time frame as the leaves start to fall.

Take your loved ones out and enjoy it together before it is too late.

…and this is according to Mary!

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There’s not an “App” for that

An Apple worth waiting for

An Apple worth waiting for

I caught on the news the other day that Apple released its latest iPhone and in many cities around the world consumers lined up overnight, or in the early morning, so they could be the first to experience the latest apple product.

Yesterday “C” and I also decided to experience the latest apple product. We threw on some old clothes…drove for about an hour…parked the car and started to trot through a local no spray apple orchard.

We experienced the feeling of the dirt road under our feet…the feeling of the sun on our faces…a gentle cool breeze keeping us at a comfortable temperature as we started to pluck these beautiful orbs of goodness.

We felt the plump fruit in our hands as we snapped them off the trees…we felt the joy of climbing a ladder and stretching our arms to their full capacity to grab the biggest and plumpest apple on the tree. We filled our lungs with fresh air…and the sweet aroma of acres and acres of fresh fruit dangling from tree after tree.

We felt the connection to the earth….we felt the connection to nature…we stood and gazed at the beauty and bounty of what the earth provides us…and of course we tasted the deliciousness of several varieties of apples…the Granny Smith…the Macintosh…the Gravenstein.

We savoured the experience…we took in the sights, the sounds, the smells, and the feelings that went with our connection with nature.

Mary wanted to remind us of the bounty and purity of nature…the love that comes from the earth…the healing properties associated with good food, and with our connection with nature.

So take this opportunity to disconnect this weekend…go out and experience nature…I’m pretty sure there isn’t an app for that:-)

And this is according to Mary!!!

Choose your path, and enjoy the scenery

Enjoy your walk!

Enjoy your walk!

Wouldn’t it be great if we had all of the answers? Never making a mistake, never being wrong, never having any regrets. Maybe it’s not as impossible as it sounds. In a recent message from Mary she showed me a path…it represented our journey through life…and as with many paths there are options…we are constantly making choices…most feel right in the beginning, but the longer we travel sometimes we question our decisions…we start asking “What if?”. This question can keep us locked in the past.

In the message Mary wanted us to understand that in life we may not always make the best choices…or better yet we may not get the results we were expecting…or hoping for…but we need to be realistic about the results…we need to stay positive…we need to realize that sometimes when we go down a path we question, it doesn’t mean we still will not reach our original destination. We can always make changes, we can alter our course…or maybe we are simply taking the scenic route!

The important thing to try to do is learn from our experiences…try to find those teachable moments…share the journey with those we love, for as long as we can…embrace life…embrace love…and share our love with others…it’s really the only true thing that we have.

…and this is according to Mary.

Sorry, what were you saying?


Take a second…actually take a few minutes…take a few hours…take the rest of the day and disconnect.

Close your eyes and let your other senses take over…maybe go somewhere where you can enjoy the sounds, the smells and the feeling of nature…listen to the wind…to the birds…flowing water, or lapping waves…take in the aroma of the woods…the salt air of the ocean…the freshness of a meadow.  Maybe you can take in some tactile sensations…the feeling of your toes in the sand, or bare feet in the grass…touch the earth…care for a plant or a tree…weed your garden…pick an apple or pear from a tree….pick some berries…take a bite:-).  Bring a friend, bring your family, or bring a loved one…enjoy the conversations…enjoy the quality time…enjoy the companionship…enjoy the love.

In our busy lives some of these simple pleasures are often undervalued and underappreciated.  All too often we are distracted by self-imposed activities and technology.  We feel anxiety if we are not doing something all of the time. We feel the need to overbook our schedules… to account for every minute of the day.  Plus throw technology into the mix…that constant need to be connected…social media, text messaging… the need for continuous electronic stimulation.

I’m sure for a lot of people disconnecting from social activities, and technology would cause major anxiety…but give it a try…what do you have to lose?  Think of what you will gain…a little peace…a little quiet…a little “me” time….a little quality time with those that matter…some memories maybe…a feeling of calm…connecting with nature…reduced blood pressure…a lung full of fresh air…an appreciation for what is real…an appreciation of life…beauty…pure beauty.

Anyway…in writing this I realize I should be somewhere else…there is an ocean with my name on it to visit:-).  In a recent message from Mary she wanted to remind us that our senses are often bombarded by artificial stimulus, much of it self-imposed.  We are keeping ourselves distracted from life. She wanted us to break free every now and then…make it a priority to connect with nature and loved ones…take in what is around us…enjoy the things that really matter…look into our hearts and connect with those we love.

…and this is according to Mary!

Somewhere over the Waterfall…I mean Rainbow

Rainbow and Main Falls at Victoria Falls

So how is your week going? Your month…or even your year? We hope things are positive and peaceful.

Life has a way of taking us on a bit of a rollercoaster ride…or in this case a trip somewhere down the crazy river (there’s a Robbie Robertson reference in there somewhere). We have our ups… we have our downs…and for many of us the downs seem more prevalent than the ups.

It can be tough to stay positive. It is easy to slip into a bit of a depressed state, which does not help our vibrations…it prevents us from healing…it prevents us from growing…and can prevent us from growing our love, or caring for the people we love.

In a recent message from Mary she showed me a waterfall…and if you think of a waterfall it can start off as a slow moving river…maybe even relaxing to stat with….but then it begins to speed up. At first you can back paddle a bit…you can hold your own…but then you start to lose ground. The strength of the water starts to take over…you begin to panic…you don’t have the strength to fight the power of the river anymore. You end up getting swept up by the currents…you have lost control…the calmness of the water is long gone and you are now engulfed in the rapids. There is tension, stress and turmoil…and you end up going over the waterfall.

Does this feel familiar?

I’m sure we have all gone through a similar sensation several times in our lives. But the other part of the image that Mary shared with me was that quite often at the end of the waterfall there is a rainbow in the mist…that there is a positive…that there is beauty…there is joy…and although you have just been through a traumatic experience…an experience where you have lost control, felt helpless, and you have been put through the ringer…well… there is the next phase in your journey…and it can be a beautiful thing.

You can rise from your depression…you can raise your vibrations…you can continue to heal….and you can continue to love and grow.

Examine your journey…learn from it…look inward towards your heart and know that things will get better…that life will go on and you will make it through the waterfall.

Embrace the rainbow!

…and this is according to Mary.

Earth Day – the Sequel…This Time it’s Personal

Fall is here
I’ve always like the way movies try to come up with cleaver sequel titles or tag lines. When in doubt go for “This time it’s personal”. So, for many of use last week had some type of Earth Day theme to it. I know in my office they were giving out trees to plant…and pens made out of recycled cardboard…coffee was free for the day to anyone who brought their own mug…there were tables displaying various energy efficiency initiatives going on in our community…a group of volunteers went out and cleaned up any garbage or debris that gathered around the building over the winter months… there was even a demonstration to point out how much dirt gets collected from an exhaust system by placing a sock over the tailpipe. These are all good things to help draw attention to and in a way celebrate Earth Day.

…But shouldn’t Earth Day be every day? Shouldn’t we constantly be looking at our lifestyles and making adjustments on a regular basis to see what we can do to protect our environment. This morning “C” and I sat down to channel one of the images Mary sent me was that of the Earth orbiting the sun, but she did it in a method that represented time-lapped photography. She was showing me the Earth every day….with the message of “Let’s make every day Earth Day”.

We don’t have to go crazy trying to change all of our habits at once…but if we can make small and simple adjustments…focus on what we are consuming…focus on what we are throwing away…focus on the products we purchase…focus on what we are pouring down our drains…and just put some thought into the impact we are having on the environment.

Is there a safer product? Is there a less toxic option? Do you really need it? Is there an option to reduce your carbon footprint? Am I being wasteful?

It’s a matter of being thoughtful…a matter of loving the Earth…loving yourself…listening to your heart…and helping to heal the Earth….and there should be any doubt…the Earth does need to heal.
…and this is according to Mary….much love!

Spiritual Plant Food

While channelling Mary I received an image of a plant.  A beautiful, healthy, and vibrant gift from the earth.

The message that followed was that the plant signified spiritual growth.  Our spiritual growth is very much like plant growth.  We need to make sure we are giving it love and attention.  We have to be mindful of what we are feeding our souls.  Reduce negativity and be mindful of its impact on our journey and on our spirituality. Stay clear of emotional vampires. People or situations that can sink their teeth into us and lower our vibrations as they intentionally continue to feed off of us.

Also be careful of our activities.  What are we watching in our spare time?  Are we watching shows and movies that lower our vibrations by engaging us in violence or unnecessary drama?  It’s great to keep informed by staying on top of world or current events, but are negative and fearful news reports overshadowing uplifting and positive messages that elevate our vibrations?  Are we listening to music that is negative or brings us down?  Do we listen to the lyrics of songs we think we like only to find out the message in the song is far from positive?

What about in the workplace? Are we staying positive, ignoring the politics and negativity of the workplace? Have we found ways to stay productive and rewards ourselves internally for a job well done…regardless of what goes on around us?

What are we putting in our bodies?  Do we understand how over indulgence has a negative effect on our spiritual growth?

What about with our loved ones and families?  Are we fostering positivity, love and peace?   Do we embrace the time we have with each other and treasure the moments?  Do find ways to remind our friends and family how important they are to us? Do they know they are loved?

So love yourself, love your soul…continue to grow spiritually.

And this is according to Mary!