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Take Good Care of Your Pets


Today’s message from Mary is to love your pets and take good care of them. We all have them and they are treasured members of our families. Mary just wants to remind us to pay attention to them and make sure they are well cared for. And please don’t forget to donate a can of pet food to your local pet shelter.

And This Is According To Mary!

Stay Connected to the Ones you Love



A few weeks back we were experiencing a winter storm. On this particular weekend I was taking advantage of the storm….I slept in a bit…”C” and I decided to stay put for the day and enjoy each other’s company. There was something in me that wanted to get an early start on shovelling though…I thought about relaxing a bit more, but the shovelling task seemed front and center of my thought processes. It was still early in the snow fall, and I knew I’d still have to shovel again later in the day, bit something told me to get started now…but before I started “C” insisted that I grab something to eat to keep my energy up. She takes very good care of me! So, once I finished fueling up I started to get my winter gear on…but it was at this time I started to think about my daughters…I was wondering how they were making out in the storm….I was hoping they weren’t out driving. I starting to think of one of my daughters more than the other…the thought became overbearing…I reached into my jacket to check my cell phone to see if she had texted me recently…as soon as I touched the phone it began to ring. It was her…she had taken ill and almost collapsed at work…she needed my help.

As I rushed to go pick her up (as much as anyone can safely rush driving in heavy snow) I started to think of the events of the morning. I had overslept for no real reason…I had felt the need to shovel early…”C” had insisted that I take a few extra minutes to grab something to eat…I was rummaging around looking for a certain pair of gloves, and a certain pair of boots…I found it interesting that at the exact second I decided to check my phone it was my daughter calling in need of help…It was a powerful connection moment for sure!

On my way to pick her up I could feel Mary telling me that this was an important story to tell. When I arrived back (my daughter was ok by the way, she seemed to have a touch of something and was fine after a day or two of rest) “C” reminded me of our own funny connection story. When we were first falling in love there was one morning in particular when I woke up and seemed to be swimming in emotions. All I could think about was “C”. The light and love that I could see in her eyes…the beauty and warmth in her smile…the smell of her hair…the healing power of her touch…I was like a schoolboy again….plus I was day dreaming and wasn’t paying attention… I ended up burning my toast…which set off the smoke detector:-)

The funny part was…at the exact same time “C’s” smoke detector went off in her house about 15 kilometers away…it went off for no other reason than I was doing a little too much day dreaming:-) The connection we had established seemed to have allowed my energy to flow from my place to her place (which in term forced her to call the fire department because she had no idea why the smoke detector went off…funny now but not so much at the time:-)).

So… the message from all of this is that each of us has a strong connection with the ones we love…stay connected…use your heart…continue to grow your love, and grow your connection…and help each other heal.

And this is According to Mary!