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Judging People Lowers Our Vibration

DSC_6118Mary’s message today to all about judging people. Judgement is a negative vibration and it lowers our energy. I have had lots of practice trying not to judge people and see their position from my perspective. Hard life tons of practice I jokingly say. But I still get caught up in judgement  myself sometimes too. I have to stop and think about it and see things from their perspective not mine.  And the other point here I want to make is you never know what people are really going through.  Having lived a life filled with painful circumstances beyond my control  I can state that. I am sure people never knew the circumstances of my life and certainly judged me without knowing the facts. And I certainly forgave anyone who misjudged me.  I learned many years ago forgiveness  is a gift you give yourself. And  at some point in my life I also learned  to send them love too. These tools like forgiveness and sending love  help  keep my vibration high.

And This Is According To Mary!

See The Good In People

DSC_6154Mary’s message today is to try to the find the good in people. I have had lots of examples in my own life of having to look to see the good in people. Early on in my life I learned that the people who had hurt me it was important to look for the good in them. Regardless of what they had done to me I have learned to forgive them and see the good they offer. I always raised my son this way when someone had hurt him too I would point out the good in that person. Everyone had some good in them and I always pointed out their positive actions and qualities. Just the other day I helped see another point of view when I called him to chat. I hope I helped him see it differently. So next time you feel hurt or challenged by someone try Mary’s advice today.

And This Is According To Mary!

Consider Pet Adoption


I have a new neighbour and a new kitty. She is a very beautiful and friendly kitty. She had been an indoor kitty prior to her adoption and seems to have taken to outdoor life nicely. Several times a day she comes to visit me after I say hi she looks for my indoor kitty. They are not so friendly as cats are very territorial. She comes to watch the birds in my yard and she loves to enjoy the sun too. Just yesterday I was walking down the street and she said meow as I walked by just to say hi. My new neighbour adopted her when he moved here. He also adopted a puppy too. We will get to watch him grow up too. Scott has had dogs before and is quite excited to have one so close. So Mary’s message today is to consider Pet Adoption. There are lots of homeless animals out there. Pets are very loving and enjoyable companions and raise our vibration. I know how empty my life would have been without the accompaniment of pets.

And This Is According To Mary!

Protect Our Environment

DSC_9008Today’s message from Mary is to protect the environment. We are made from Mother Nature so when we hurt her we are really only hurting ourselves. Mother Nature is a powerful force and she can heal us and raises our vibration so why wouldn’t we protect her like one of our children. Do your part.  Don’t throw things away– reduce, reuse and recycle. Make sure you teach your children this too.

And This Is According To Mary!

The Element of Earth

DSC_2624Today Mary wants to elaborate   a bit more on last week’s message connecting with the 4 elements of Mother Earth. Today she wants to focus on the element of Earth.  It is very important to walk barefoot to ground and to connect with Mother Earth.   This is so healing.  Also if you have a problem  go for a walk in the woods and see if your answer will come to you.  Because we are made from Mother Nature she can help us with our problems.   Mary also wants you to get your hands dirty by digging in the dirt. Find something to plant even a small area of garden space nothing fancy just to get that connection with Mother Earth. This is very healing for us too.  Try if after a stressful day.  Also make sure you care for Mother Earth as well. Be sure to use natural products. There is lots of natural advice on the internet. We had a wasp issue recently. We would have left it because Wasps are very beneficial but it was just above a spot where we sit all summer.   We used orange oil. Our favourite natural gardener is Howard Garrett. He is very generous and gives away his recipes for free.

And this is According To Mary!

If You Still Have Snow Please Feed The Birds

DSC_6379This is a short message tonight from Mary mainly for the people with snow still covering the ground. Mary wants you to go outside and feed the birds who cannot get their spring food source. Robins cannot dig for worms if the ground is still covered with snow and other birds cannot get their grubs and berries easily.   After a hard winter they are extra hungry. Scott and I were out tonight putting birdseed and raisins down wherever we could find a bare spot of grass that had melted snow. Also we put the food onto the park benches and anything with concrete. My sister gets day old bread and peanut butter and makes sandwiches for the birds and wildlife. She also makes suet. There are lots of recipes online.  Tomorrow Scott will be shoveling a small patch of my backyard to clear it of snow so the robins can dig for worms. It is only a temporary situation caused by the extra  late snow fall we have had in some areas.  Mary wants us all to do what we can to help and thanks you in advance.

And this is According To Mary!

Be Kind

DSC_1481Today’s message from Mary is to be kind to one another.  As a kid I remember the beautiful songs of the 60’s that talked about being kind to everyone. I sang them happily and tried to practice kindness myself.  Sometimes we forget and get busy with our life but a little kindness goes a long way to making the world a better place to live in.

And this is According To Mary!

Heal Yourself By Giving


Mary’s message today is a reminder of the Healing Power of Love. Sometimes we get so busy and self-absorbed it is good to think of others. This puts us in a selfless state.  One small act of kindness such as a helping someone cross the street, a donation to the pet food bank or volunteering at your child’s school. These gifts from you  put you in a higher vibration which  helps heal you. By giving you help heal yourself.   And our world will be a better place too because of your gifts of love. And This Is According To Mary!

A Somewhat Touchy Subject

Love Nature

One of the many reoccurring messages that come from Mary is about “Touch”. How touch can be vey healing. Think of the times in your life when the touch of another has communicated love, trust, peace, or compassion. How the touch of another has changed your mood…how it has lifted your spirits…raised your vibrations. There are times when touch simply made you feel better….more positive…more loving…maybe even more vulnerable allowing you to tap into your heart.

We can also be touched by people’s stories. As I travel through the blogosphere I am always amazed at the stories that are being told. As people share their highs, and lows…as they talk about their pain…as they share their experiences and their challenges in life I am often touched by their willingness to put themselves out there for the world to see.

There are many people out there that take comfort in sharing their stories…the stories that make us realize that they are simply looking to be heard…looking for some compassion…looking for a hug…looking to be touched in some way…as their stories have initially touched our own hearts.

So this week Mary’s message is to help those who have touched you. Take a moment and support those who share their stories…send them love…send them compassion…try in your own little way to share your own healing power of touch. Look to your heart and share the energy within.

…and this is according to Mary!

The Kindness of Strangers


So… we are all on a journey. We are at different stages in our lives. We are taking different paths. Some of us know where we are going. Some of us think we know where we are going. Some of us know where we are going, but don’t really want to go Some of us think we are lost, but yet right around the corner is the answer to many of our questions. It’s exciting in a way isn’t it?

We travel alone… we travel with another… we travel in groups. Although in many ways we never travel alone. Even if we feel we are alone there tends to be someone with us…and at the very least we meet others along the way.

In a recent message from Mary she wanted to let us know that during our travels…even for those of us who are incredibly focused, and especially for those of us who feel incredibly lost she wanted to remind us to be kind to those who we meet during our travels.

Being kind to others is an amazing way to spread positive energy. It’s an amazing way to have an impact on others and help others heal. It’s an amazing way to help heal ourselves and increase our own positivity, energy and vibrations.

Even as our journey takes us through WordPress feel free to be positive with each other. How many times have you stumbled upon a blog where someone is in pain, someone is depressed, or they just seem like they need a bit of compassion. Reach out to them. Let them know that what they are feeling is ok…let them know the journey will continue…let them know there can and will be happiness and love.

Make it a habit. Share your peace, share your love, and share your positive energy.

…and this is according to Mary!