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It all seems so clear…Crystal Clear!!!

Crystal Gardwn

Is it just me or is life just flat out busy?

Even when you don’t feel like you have much on the go, the next thing you know time is just gone, and you end up not accomplishing everything you wanted to accomplish.

You end up losing focus and you can potentially start to let things slip. That includes taking care of yourself, your health and your own needs. So if you are feeling drained, and your energy is low take time to heal and recharge.

But wait…that goes for your crystals too. If you are a person who likes to surround yourself with crystals or healing stones, and you like the benefit of the energy they provide don’t forget to take care of them too…If you rely on crystals and stones there is the possibility that you have drained their energy and that they are no longer operating at their full potential…it’s not good for you, it’s not good for them…so your stones and crystals may need to be recharged.

Here are a few links that you might find beneficial!



Taking care of them is a way of taking care of yourself
Happy Crystal charging!!!!

…and this is according to Mary!!!