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Where do you look?

Winter Walk

In a recent message from Mary she showed me the horizon. It’s as if I was looking out of a window and in the distance I could see a mountain ridge…but it was as if she wanted me to look beyond the horizon. So the question became…where do you look? Do you look inward to your heart, so your heart can tell you what’s beyond the horizon… or do you look outward letting your surroundings control your heart? By looking inward you will see a clearer picture, you will find love, you will find caring, you will find peace, you will find truth. By looking outward you can become confused and disoriented…your truth can become clouded and manipulated by your surroundings…your vision can be compromised by the confines of an artificial reality.

So look inward…continue to find love, continue to share that love and make the world a better place.
…and this is according to Mary!