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Every Day Should Be Earth Day



Today’s message from Mary is  a special thank you. Mary wants to thank all of you who participated in  Earth Day which was yesterday. Those of you who embraced nature by going out in it and to those of you who did community cleanups, thank you.  To those of you who participated in rallies thank you too. Scott and I actually forgot but everyday is Earth Day for us. So Mary wants to remind all of you that every day should be Earth Day and we should all take  great care of this planet called Tara or Mother Earth we all live on.

Believing Is Seeing . . . .  And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!

Earth Day – the Sequel…This Time it’s Personal

Fall is here
I’ve always like the way movies try to come up with cleaver sequel titles or tag lines. When in doubt go for “This time it’s personal”. So, for many of use last week had some type of Earth Day theme to it. I know in my office they were giving out trees to plant…and pens made out of recycled cardboard…coffee was free for the day to anyone who brought their own mug…there were tables displaying various energy efficiency initiatives going on in our community…a group of volunteers went out and cleaned up any garbage or debris that gathered around the building over the winter months… there was even a demonstration to point out how much dirt gets collected from an exhaust system by placing a sock over the tailpipe. These are all good things to help draw attention to and in a way celebrate Earth Day.

…But shouldn’t Earth Day be every day? Shouldn’t we constantly be looking at our lifestyles and making adjustments on a regular basis to see what we can do to protect our environment. This morning “C” and I sat down to channel one of the images Mary sent me was that of the Earth orbiting the sun, but she did it in a method that represented time-lapped photography. She was showing me the Earth every day….with the message of “Let’s make every day Earth Day”.

We don’t have to go crazy trying to change all of our habits at once…but if we can make small and simple adjustments…focus on what we are consuming…focus on what we are throwing away…focus on the products we purchase…focus on what we are pouring down our drains…and just put some thought into the impact we are having on the environment.

Is there a safer product? Is there a less toxic option? Do you really need it? Is there an option to reduce your carbon footprint? Am I being wasteful?

It’s a matter of being thoughtful…a matter of loving the Earth…loving yourself…listening to your heart…and helping to heal the Earth….and there should be any doubt…the Earth does need to heal.
…and this is according to Mary….much love!