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Trust Your Heart Mind Portal Over Emotions


Today’s message from Mary is about going to your heart. Trust your heart to center your thoughts.  Our heart or heart mind portal can help us  find answers rather than  becoming emotional.  Remember from our November 15 post our heart is our connection to Creation and can help us instantly.  That is the way our world is set up. So try to start going to your heart mind portal rather than becoming emotional when faced with life’s upsets.  I am a work in progress myself having lots of crazy things still in my life to upset me. I can say it does work. I think of where I was a year ago. So take Mary’s advice and change your life today.

Believing Is Seeing . . . .  And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!


Who do you Blame?

A Splash of Life

One recent message that Mary sent had to do with the way we treat each other.  We have a tendency to blame.  Look at the latest US election (who am I kidding…look at all elections globally), weren’t most of the ads accusing and blaming each other?  Isn’t the biggest issue ahead of the US economy very divisive at this point?  Both sides are claiming they want to work together to resolve the issue, but we still see little action.  It seems to me to it all has to do with blame.  No one seems to be taking responsibility as long as they have the option to point fingers.

Do we also do this in our own lives?  If something doesn’t go right, or more to the point, if something doesn’t go your way what do you do?  Do you take ownerships?  Do you take responsibility? Do you evaluate the situation objectively?  Or is the easiest thing to do to blame someone?

It’s not easy is it? It’s something we all learned to do when we were children?  Our parents taught us to assign blame.  It became a way of life.  We have turned into a “Blame Culture”.  I guess that’s why there are so many lawyers…anyway it’s not easy to break away from.  It’s ingrained in us and very often our first response…but it is a negative emotion…it is a negative response….it does lower our vibrations…it  can hurt the ones we love…it can divide us…it is not solution oriented…it does not help the situation.

In most cases what’s done is done, there is no changing what has happened…there is only moving forward, and it is important to use positive energy doing so.  It’s what raises vibrations and keeps love moving forward…it keeps love growing!

…and this is according to Mary!!!