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Every Day Should Be Earth Day



Today’s message from Mary is  a special thank you. Mary wants to thank all of you who participated in  Earth Day which was yesterday. Those of you who embraced nature by going out in it and to those of you who did community cleanups, thank you.  To those of you who participated in rallies thank you too. Scott and I actually forgot but everyday is Earth Day for us. So Mary wants to remind all of you that every day should be Earth Day and we should all take  great care of this planet called Tara or Mother Earth we all live on.

Believing Is Seeing . . . .  And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!

Take a Look Around

Snowy Owl
What do you see? Think big picture here. In a recent message from Mary she did just that. She showed me images of this great planet of ours. She showed me beautiful mountains….she showed me majestic forests…she showed me babbling brooks, calm lakes, and the spender of our oceans….she showed me images many animal who we share the land, water and air with. She showed me creatures that live in our forests…on the open plains…in our lakes, river, seas and oceans…as they fly though our skies and perch in our trees.

She wanted to remind us that we live in a fragile world…that we are in partnership with other living creatures…yet at the same time we have the biggest impact. There’s not much that our terrestrial roommates can do when we make a mess of the place…so it’s up to us to keep our earth neat and tidy…clean…free of toxins and pollutants.

Mary wanted to remind us to do what we can to reduce, reuse, recycle…or do without…at least put some thought into what we use, what we eat, and what we clean with…find natural alternatives …do some research maybe…you’ll feel better about yourself, your planets, and you’ll feel good about how you helped out your neighbours…even if they are not human!

…and this is according to Mary!

Find the Bird

Planting the seed


Waching your garden grow

A frequent underlying message that Mary sends is to love yourself.  You can do this in many ways.  The simplest way is to take care of yourself.

In a recent message Mary sent the image of the way we used to farm.  It was a in the days where it was done by hand.  Families would farm small plots of land and grow enough food for themselves and their neighbours to get everyone through the year.  It was hard work and it was challenging, but it was pure, honest, and healthy.

The image then changed to the farming methods of today where huge companies control the process.  The process is far from pure… as chemicals are used in the form of fertilizers and pesticides…the DNA of the seeds have been altered to increase higher crop yields and the seeds are genetically mutated to ward off insects and spoilage.

It’s the world we now live in and it’s a bit scary.   We don’t know what the long term effects are of these genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), and worse yet we have little say in the matter.  As citizens we have never been consulted, yet at the same time we vote in favour of GMO’s every time we visit a grocery store and unknowingly purchase these products.

Mary is reminding us to pay attention to what we eat and take better care of ourselves.  If at all possible do a bit of homework and seek out products that are healthier for us. If we have the means, spent the little bit extra to purchase organic and non-GMO products.  If at all possible communicate to your local government officials and express your concern about food labelling or lack thereof…organize small groups if you think that will help to communicate your concerns…make the healthier choices when you can…if you are lucky enough to own a small parcel of land consider growing your own by creating a small garden…for many of us spring is a few months around the corner, so this is the best time to start thinking and planning!

And this is according to Mary!

Are you Listening?

Listen up

Can you hear that? I think you can. Listen closely…it’s the winds of change isn’t it. The last several messages that came from Mary all had to do with “Listening”.

She wanted us to pay attention to our economy and our personal finances; she wanted us to pay attention to what we put in our bodies and do some research on GMO’s; she wanted us to pay attention to what our governments are doing in the areas of transparency and fiscal responsibility; and she wanted us to pay attention to what corporations are doing…they should be accountable to us as consumers and should have our health and well-being set as a main priority.

We are seeing changes in some of these areas…more and more people are self-educating and speaking out…more and more people are waking up and sharing this information with friends, family, and loved ones.

We still need to see more change…we need to continue to look after the people we love from the inside out…we need to vote with our wallets whenever possible…we need to spread the word….we need to remind corporations and governments at all levels that our planet is fragile, and that they are accountable…we need to realize that the decisions we make on a daily basis have an impact on our planet, our bodies, our financial and emotional well-being….we need to be the winds of change.

Spread the word…spread the love…Listen to your heart…and this is according to Mary!

The True Cost of Convenience

Look around

Mary is frequently sending me messages about the environment. A few weeks ago she sent me another message. She showed me an image of an Owl, and then of a spoon. I know it seems like an odd connection… but the message was that of nature, the choices we make, and the impact we have on the earth. The message was about some of the products of convenience that we use.

Every time I think about some of these products a song seems to pop in my head… “Killing me softly with K-cups”….ok, so I changes the wording a bit…but what concerns me is the use of a lot of single serving products such as the single cup brewers. I know they are cool and convenient, but at what cost? How much plastic and other materials are used to create the consumables for these machines? And what happens to the plastic after the fact. Most people just throw the cups away as a whole. We are not even getting the benefit of composting the coffee grinds.

But I’m not just singling out one product or brand…I’m also concerned about most of single serve products that have hit the market over the past several years. The packaging just seems like such a waste…and I guess that’s my main concern…what happens to all of the packaging waste with single serve yogurt containers, 100 calorie products, or mini soft drinks? I know some of these product packaging materials are recyclable, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is committed to this process, or has the recycling services available to them…so in these cases the waste material ends up where it shouldn’t.

The packaging ends up in our landfills…it ends up being incinerated…it ends up in our oceans…our atmosphere…leaching into out soil… it’s a real problem. We need to put more thought into what we purchase and the impact it has on our environment.

We all want a clean and beautiful earth…for ourselves, our children, and for the future…let’s see what we can do about keeping it clean!

And this is according to Mary!

We are all in this Together

I noticed that one Mary’s running themes is the importance of nature, and the healing power it has on us.

In one of her recent messages the image that came to me was one of solidarity.  All of us standing with and protecting nature.

I was in the woods, in a hilly or mountainous area.  The sky was amazing.  It was clear and blue, with a few wispy clouds.  There were birds flying. I could the smell of the fresh air, I could smell the trees, and the earth.  As I looked down there was a lake. The water was crystal clear and it looked fresh.  I looked to my left and there stood one of my brothers…beyond him I saw one of my sisters…and beyond her was another, and another. When I looked to my right and I saw the same thing. The lake was surrounded by my brothers and sisters of this planet. All of different ages, races, religions. We were all there enjoying the beauty of the Mother Earth!

The message that Mary was sending was that we are all in this together and it is our responsibility to look after this beautiful planet of ours.   Do what we can on a small scale to look after her…reduce, reuse, recycle as much as possible…think about the things that we are purchasing…think about the packaging. What will happen to it once we open or finish the product? Do we really need to sacrifice the earth in the name of convenience? What impact does brand marketing have on our purchasing decisions? Do we always need the latest and the greatest?  Is our disposable culture too far gone? Are there things we could be doing on a larger scale that will help?  Should be we raising our concerns more often to the decision makers?  Should we be making this more of a priority?

Anyway, Mary was concerned and wanted me to share…love yourself, love one another and love the Earth!!!

…and this is according to Mary!