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Disconnect Technology When In Nature

Great Blue Heron - Juvenile

Today Mary’s message deals with one of our pet peeves—people who are out in nature but glued to their Smart Phone or Music device.  We need to leave these devices in the car or turned off while in nature. You cannot listen to the birds sing, see the colors of the forest or hear the crashing of the waves if you are connected to some sort of technology. You are missing a beautiful connection to Mother Nature and your higher self. Your higher self speaks to you when you are quiet and can guide you day to day. And Mother Nature heals and raises our vibration so why wouldn’t you want to be quiet to hear her speak to you. So next time you are at the park leave your technology turned off.

And This Is According To Mary!

Listen To The Sounds In Nature


Mary’s message today is all about the sounds in nature. Remember we are made from Mother Nature so she can heal us and raise our vibration.  Nature is communicating with us at all times through our hearing.   Listen to the sounds of the creatures from the forest, the birds, the wind and the water.  They are very therapeutic and raise our vibration. Scott and I love to hear nature as well. Just last night we were walking in our local park enjoying the birds singing to us. From a vibrational standpoint it has always soothed us. So get out into nature today and listen.

And This Is According To Mary!

The Colors In Nature Heal Us

DSC_1510Today Mary wants to talk about how the  colors in nature  heal us and raise our vibration. Remember we are made from Mother Nature so her colors can heal us too. The blues of the sky and ocean . . .  the birds . . .  the greens of the forest.    So get out into nature to raise your vibration and heal.  Scott and I always had an appreciation for the colors of nature and their depth of healing. This afternoon Scott and I are heading to the ocean for a walk and some grounding (walking barefoot to connect with Mother Nature) and a visual healing with the colors that nature will provide.

And This is According To Mary!

The Scent of Fall

From Our Walk In The Park

From Our Walk In The Park

Our next message from Mary had to do with the wonderful scent of Fall foliage.  Fall is not only a beautiful sight to enjoy and heal from but a beautiful scent to connect with too.  Scott and I were walking in our local Park a few weeks ago  enjoying the multi- color leaves that magically captured our sight.   But I said to Scott there is something else here to enjoy. I immediately began to smell the leaves on a whole different level and connect with them. It was a feeling of peace and beauty. I had never really appreciated the scent of the fall leaves too.  Sure enough the next day Mary channeled to us this message. I guess Mary was on our walk too!  So before Fall is over get to a park or woods  to  enjoy the scent too!

And this is According To Mary!