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A bird in the hand…

Blue Jay

…So in a recent message from Mary she connected me with the sounds of nature…as I closed my eyes and started the channeling process I could hear the birds in the garden…the playful and lyrical chirping noises of the various birds that live in the neighbourhood…the chickadees…the blue jays…the doves…the robins…the starlings…they all seemed to arrive at the same time and strike up a chorus.

Their music was beautiful…and what an amazing way to connect with nature. It was a great opportunity to let go of my thoughts and troubles and embrace the natural sounds that this earth provides us on a daily basis… if we just allow ourselves to listen. Replace those man made sounds that pollute the airwaves with what nature can provide. It’s healthy, it’s therapeutic, it reduces stress and helps us focus and connect with our hearts.

..so take a few minutes this weekend and throughout the week…turn off the music…leave your mobile devices behind…disconnect from the sounds of traffic and the noise in the city…find a nice quiet place to walk and listen to the sounds of nature…listen to the birds…the ducks…the waves…the babbling brook…the winds…the sounds of crunching leaves below your feet…and take a loved one to enjoy it with you. I guarantee time will stand still!!!

…and this is according to Mary!


There’s not an “App” for that

An Apple worth waiting for

An Apple worth waiting for

I caught on the news the other day that Apple released its latest iPhone and in many cities around the world consumers lined up overnight, or in the early morning, so they could be the first to experience the latest apple product.

Yesterday “C” and I also decided to experience the latest apple product. We threw on some old clothes…drove for about an hour…parked the car and started to trot through a local no spray apple orchard.

We experienced the feeling of the dirt road under our feet…the feeling of the sun on our faces…a gentle cool breeze keeping us at a comfortable temperature as we started to pluck these beautiful orbs of goodness.

We felt the plump fruit in our hands as we snapped them off the trees…we felt the joy of climbing a ladder and stretching our arms to their full capacity to grab the biggest and plumpest apple on the tree. We filled our lungs with fresh air…and the sweet aroma of acres and acres of fresh fruit dangling from tree after tree.

We felt the connection to the earth….we felt the connection to nature…we stood and gazed at the beauty and bounty of what the earth provides us…and of course we tasted the deliciousness of several varieties of apples…the Granny Smith…the Macintosh…the Gravenstein.

We savoured the experience…we took in the sights, the sounds, the smells, and the feelings that went with our connection with nature.

Mary wanted to remind us of the bounty and purity of nature…the love that comes from the earth…the healing properties associated with good food, and with our connection with nature.

So take this opportunity to disconnect this weekend…go out and experience nature…I’m pretty sure there isn’t an app for that:-)

And this is according to Mary!!!