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Grow Your Love

At the same time Mary sent me the “Embrace the Light” message she also sent me another message.  Initially what I saw was clover…or some kind of plant life…then it seemed to changed to weeds…the same weeds you would find in your lawn or in your garden. The weeds had overtaken the beauty of the garden…

At first I wasn’t sure what to make of the image, but when she showed me the same image a week later I realized she was talking about love…more specifically about relationships.

Relationships are very much like a garden aren’t they?  You need to care for them; you need to nurture them; you need to add your love; you need to let the relationships grow and flourish…and yes there is weeding involved in caring for your relationships. Not everything will be perfect all the time…there are times when you need to examine yourself and recognize when something isn’t right…you need to ask yourself “are there things you are doing, or are there behaviours that you demonstrate that might be damaging your relationship?”…basically these are weeds.

If there are things that you are doing that could potentially harm the relationship then the best thing to do is “pluck” the behaviour before it grows and tries to overtake the relaionship…and if you need help, ask your partner…have those conversations when you need to…continue to use your love to nourish and grow your relationship into one of splendor and beauty.

…and this is according to Mary!!!