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Embrace The Sun

DSC_6164Mary’s message today is one of my favourite things to do embrace the sun.  I just caught it this morning having my tea outside before clouds rolled in. We are just coming out of Winter here so feeling sunlight on my face is the most welcoming feeling. Those of you going into Winter also don’t forget to embrace the sun too as your season changes. Remember that the way Creation was setup when we feel the sun we feel our connection to God  or Prime Creator and that is why we feel so good when we are in it. Sunlight is very healing too. Don’t fall for the wrong information out there  and believe the sun is bad.  I have never not been in the sun, how could something that felt so beautiful  be bad.  And I didn’t know I was feeling my connection to our Prime Creator. We always follow Dr. Mercola’s  (Mercola.com ) sun protocol. I can say just the little bit I had this morning with the birds singing too put me in a joyful mood for the rest of day.  So take Mary’s advice and embrace the sun the next cloudless day.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!