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Take Up A Musical Instrument

DSC_6810Mary’s message today is pretty simple she wants everyone to take up a musical instrument. She wants you to know you would enjoy instrument playing. Music puts us in a higher vibration and playing one is so much fun! I luckily was exposed to the piano at early age by my mother and a music system at school before budget cutbacks so I had so many options growing up. I rarely refused any chance to learn a new instrument or sing in a choir. I loved learning them and singing so much.  I had a difficult childhood and I didn’t know it at the time they helped me stay positive. I have loved playing music and singing  over the years. I am now teaching Scott to play an instrument for his 50th birthday. He cannot believe how much fun it is too. You forget your problems of the day (I can attest to that) and time stands still. You do not watch the clock. Recorders, harmonicas and ukuleles do not cost must to try. Don’t worry about perfection and just have fun with it. Check out you tube–lots of people are posting their learning experiences there.

And This Is According To Mary!

Santa Claus Is Real

Hi everyone. We are taking a break over the holidays but we have a great show from the Hollow Earth Network for you to enjoy. Did you know Santa Claus is real! We didn’t either until a while back. He is an Ascended Master named St. Nicholas. He is here to bring joy to the children of the world.  C’s own sister saw him one Christmas and nobody ever believed her. She now feels happy to be believed after all these years.  The show was recorded December 23  and Santa was channeled through Nancy Tate and took calls from children.   Don’t be worried that Santa   and a few others  on the call spoke that it might be Santa’s last trip because we might not need him anymore because the world is changing for the better.  There are wonderful surprises ahead for humanity! Mary has assured us that this is a long timeline so we are guessing that St. Nicholas will be around as long as he is needed.


Peace, Love  and Happy New Year from Mary Magdalene, Scott and C!

The Wife of Jesus Says Don’t Stress Out Trying To Make A Perfect Holiday It’s A Lie The Media Sold Us


Mary’s message today deals with the forced everything of the season of Christmas making people feel that they have to have the perfect gift, meal, or event. Take the pressure off says Mary.  Trying to have the perfect everything actual causes more stress in your life.  Mary doesn’t want you to feel pressure at all. So relax and don’t worry about creating the perfect Christmas it is a lie media has sold us. Ignore the commercials and just do what you can. It is not worth stress.  This is Mary’s message. Mary has a connection to the first Christmas. She was married to Jesus  so I think we need to value her opinion. She wants you to relax and not create more stress in your life.

And this is According to Mary!

When I’m Smiling…


…then I’m smiling…and the whole world smiles with you…again, lyrics of a song from yesteryear. But it’s true. It is so easy to let yourself slip and sink into depression, or just simply allow yourself to fall into the negative….and let’s face it there’s a lot going on in the world and even in our lives to take us there.

So this week’s message from Mary is to find those things in life that make us smile…or even laugh…because when you smile and laugh it can take a huge weight off your shoulders. Allow your smile to connect with your heart…take a load off and enjoy a bit of happiness….and then pass it along to those you love and care about.

…and this is according to Mary!

The End is Near!!! For Winter that is!

Covered in ice

This week when we channelled Mary several messages came through, we thought this one was timely. As I closed my eyes and began to connect the first image that popped into my mind was that of the sun hidden behind the cloud of winter…soon after I saw the sun I could hear the chirping of birds…and the sun became warm and the light began to come through….

Mary wanted those of us who live in a wintery climate to hold tight…we are getting closer to spring…there will be less and less wintery weather…less snow…less cold…less clouds…less darkness. Soon there will be warmth from the sun…the days are getting longer…there will be green grass, and leaves in the trees. Focus on the positive…focus on new growth…focus on the warmth that is coming our way…focus on the energy that spring will bring…and the love that tends to shine a little more at that time of the year…take advantage of the healing that fresh air and sunshine will bring…visualize what is coming our way….yet at the same time continue to embrace the beauty we still find in nature today!