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Heal Yourself By Giving


Mary’s message today is a reminder of the Healing Power of Love. Sometimes we get so busy and self-absorbed it is good to think of others. This puts us in a selfless state.  One small act of kindness such as a helping someone cross the street, a donation to the pet food bank or volunteering at your child’s school. These gifts from you  put you in a higher vibration which  helps heal you. By giving you help heal yourself.   And our world will be a better place too because of your gifts of love. And This Is According To Mary!

The Spiritual Power of Color

About a month ago “C” and I were sitting in her sunroom, listening to our mini fountain…making that connection during our channelling session with Mary. Mary had already sent through a few messages…I thought we were just about done when she sent through one more.

What I saw was an intense blue color…I was immediately filled with a calming sensation…it almost felt as if I was looking over a huge body of water…a beautiful and amazing lake, or extremely calm ocean…the blue seemed to go on for miles. I watched for awhile and then the blue changed to a very rich and regal purple…the purple seemed to energize me and lift my spirits, as well as my vibrations…I felt very much at peace.

The body of water then seemed to freeze over, or crystalize…but the purple was still very deep and rich…it now seemed to have veins of white crystallization running through it.  It was very beautiful…and again seemed to up my vibrations.

The message Mary sent is that Colors are powerful.  They play an important part of in our healing, our spiritual growth, and our love.  Colors such as blue, indigo, purple and white contribute to our higher vibrations.

The interesting thing is that many of these colors are missing from our city landscapes, especially our larger cities.  The next time you visit a larger city take a look around…you won’t find these colour combinations very often…often you will find concrete, glass, and steal.  How do the colors in a big city make you feel?  Cold I’m guessing.

Anyway, back to Mary’s message…don’t underestimate the healing and spiritual power of color…consider doing a bit of redecorating to add some of these colors back into your life if you find they are missing.  Try it as a couple and see if it helps your love grow:-)

I found a few links that had some interesting information on colors.  Here’s one of them:


Feel free to  send along any of your favorite links on colors and spirituality.  I’d be interesting in learning more!

…and this is according to Mary!

Believe in the Journey

This message from Mary seems very timely for me at the moment.  This is the second message I received back on May 20th, but I find much more relevance in the meaning of the message now, as I am going through a somewhat stressful situation at the moment.  What Mary Magdalene showed me was a path…a winding, bending, meandering path which represents life…the journey we are all travelling.   At this point she took me on a journey, I could see myself travelling along this path, and then down into a tunnel…here I saw images…happy faces…and some not so happy…she showed me the beauty of nature…I could see oceans, and mountains, blue skies and stormy seas…she was showing me the path that we all follow in life…she was showing the highs, and the lows…she wanted to remind me that even during the low times (because I feel like I’m in a tunnel at the moment) in life that we still need to find the happiness and the beauty of the moment.  We are here to love one another, and share with one another. Even when we are down we must find it within ourselves to elevate ourselves…to continue to trust in the universe…the plan is still unfolding…it may not be what we thought it would be, but that doesn’t mean it still is not beautiful, and that the future will still be fulfilling, amazing and full of joy and unknown spender.

And this is according to Mary.

The Beauty of Love

The next message from Mary Magdalene came to me on May 7th.  The message came in the form of sensations.

She basically filled all of my senses with the memories of when I first fell in love with “C”…I could feel the first time she took my hand…how the warmth of her touch melted my heart…how I could instantly feel the healing energy that flowed through her body, and how as soon as she touched me time seemed to stand still…how my mind and my heart instantly knew that her touch was something so incredibly special…how it seemed to put me into a trance…as it still does today.

Mary reminded me of the taste of her lips the first time we kissed…the sweetness…the gentleness…she reminded me of the gasp I took when I realized we had just experienced our first embrace.

Mary filled my senses with the aroma of when we first fell in love…the fragrance of her skin…the scent of her hair… to this day I cannot explain the beautiful bouquet that filled my senses…but it took me away and raised my vibrations.

The beautiful rhythmic sound of her voice…how it seemed to keep pace with my heart…it was like a song…and how I could wait to hear more…listening to her voice was so calming and peaceful…and lyrical…

And finally Mary filled my heart with the images that filled my mind’s eye…pure beauty…reminding me of when we would stare into each other’s eyes…the deep rich blueness of her eyes…the warmth…the passion…the love…the caring…the healing that came from all of it…

The message from Mary was simple…she wanted me to share this message…that love can raise your energy, raise your spirits…and help in your healing process…remember the little things…remember the simple things…and remember the beginning….don’t let the troubles of today discount the foundations of your love…don’t let the routine of today erase or neutralize the power of your love…remember it all, embrace it, and celebrate the love that you remember…because it is still with you!!!

And this is according to Mary.

Healed with a Kiss

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a fabulous weekend.  Mary’s next message was short and sweet… and by sweet I mean the subject matter.

This message came to me on April 10th, while sitting in the sunroom with our tiny fountain trickling in the background…connecting us to water…and we were connecting with each other by holding hands.  I guess it was no accident that Mary’s last message had to do with the healing power of touch.  I find my best connections with Mary happen when I’m holding hand with the love of my life. This time the message was the power of a kiss.  The image was quick and simple, an image of a kiss…a kiss with the intention of love contains healing properties…it can be as simple as a kiss on the check, or forehead.  Any kiss really, as long as the intention is to convey love, convey warmth, or convey caring.    A kiss is a beautiful way to make a connection, and keep a connection between two people. It is a pure and beautiful way to express your feelings, your love, and to help help the person you love heal.

And this is According to Mary.