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Respect Diversity


Today’s message from Mary is to respect diversity. With the Election just passed regardless of who won. We need to respect the decision of the Election. Mary is telling us to respect what just happened. Please take Mary’ advice.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . This According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada!)

Embrace The Wind


Mary’s message today is certainly one of my favourite things to do–is to walk in the wind. The wind has lots of healing and cleansing properties. As a small child I always loved a good wind storm didn’t understand why but loved being in it. Just the other day I purposely went walking in the rain and wind–got completely soaked but it was so worth it. I felt better right away. My low vibration mood immediately improved. So next time you have some windy weather go for a walk  and heal and cleanse yourself.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!

Stop Directing Negative Energy To Others


Today’s message is all about a way to behave in this world. Mary’s message today is to stop directing negative energy towards others. There is too much  negative energy going on. Regardless of what happens try to just be love. I have a friend  since we were teenagers I am a little hurt by for not visiting me last summer or calling. I had to reach out to her to get a response. Anyway instead of telling her how hurt I am by her actions. I will respond with a loving email not telling her how disappointed I am that she couldn’t take five minutes  last summer to call me and tell me she couldn’t visit me this summer. I thought we were very close friends for life sharing many experiences of adoption and the crazy teenage aged years of adopted kids. She was there when my ex and I split up too. Please try to take Mary’s advice and respond with love as I will be doing.

One week later I realized I was coming down with the flu and just couldn’t be love no matter how hard I tried. The flu is weird and I am fine now to just be love.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!


Santa Claus Is Real

Hi everyone. We are taking a break over the holidays but we have a great show from the Hollow Earth Network for you to enjoy. Did you know Santa Claus is real! We didn’t either until a while back. He is an Ascended Master named St. Nicholas. He is here to bring joy to the children of the world.  C’s own sister saw him one Christmas and nobody ever believed her. She now feels happy to be believed after all these years.  The show was recorded December 23  and Santa was channeled through Nancy Tate and took calls from children.   Don’t be worried that Santa   and a few others  on the call spoke that it might be Santa’s last trip because we might not need him anymore because the world is changing for the better.  There are wonderful surprises ahead for humanity! Mary has assured us that this is a long timeline so we are guessing that St. Nicholas will be around as long as he is needed.


Peace, Love  and Happy New Year from Mary Magdalene, Scott and C!

Spiritual Plant Food

While channelling Mary I received an image of a plant.  A beautiful, healthy, and vibrant gift from the earth.

The message that followed was that the plant signified spiritual growth.  Our spiritual growth is very much like plant growth.  We need to make sure we are giving it love and attention.  We have to be mindful of what we are feeding our souls.  Reduce negativity and be mindful of its impact on our journey and on our spirituality. Stay clear of emotional vampires. People or situations that can sink their teeth into us and lower our vibrations as they intentionally continue to feed off of us.

Also be careful of our activities.  What are we watching in our spare time?  Are we watching shows and movies that lower our vibrations by engaging us in violence or unnecessary drama?  It’s great to keep informed by staying on top of world or current events, but are negative and fearful news reports overshadowing uplifting and positive messages that elevate our vibrations?  Are we listening to music that is negative or brings us down?  Do we listen to the lyrics of songs we think we like only to find out the message in the song is far from positive?

What about in the workplace? Are we staying positive, ignoring the politics and negativity of the workplace? Have we found ways to stay productive and rewards ourselves internally for a job well done…regardless of what goes on around us?

What are we putting in our bodies?  Do we understand how over indulgence has a negative effect on our spiritual growth?

What about with our loved ones and families?  Are we fostering positivity, love and peace?   Do we embrace the time we have with each other and treasure the moments?  Do find ways to remind our friends and family how important they are to us? Do they know they are loved?

So love yourself, love your soul…continue to grow spiritually.

And this is according to Mary!


The Healing Power of Water


Do you remember when you were a child?  At some point in time you probably remember seeing in a book, or maybe in a cartoon an image of a sailboat on the water…and there was a huge cloud that was blowing the sailboat.  This is the latest image that Mary Magdalene sent.  The message was simple, it was whimsical, it was therapeutic…just like her message.

Mary wanted to pass along the message that the ocean (and water in general) has an amazing calming effect on most of us.  For those who live near water, whether it’s a babbling brook, a flowing river, a rustic ocean, or mesmerizing sea… use this resource to your advantage…visit your body of water often…use it as part of your meditation…walk along side with it…listen to rhythm of the flowing water, or the lapping of the waves along the shore…take in the aroma…embrace the healing and therapeutic power of water.

“C” and I feel very blessed to live so close to the ocean.  In times of stress, or sadness…as well as happy time, we often take a trip to our favorite beach…regardless of the weather or season…whether it is the warmth of summer, or the coldest days in January…with the sun shining, or rain or snow falling…we find it is a wonderful place to connect with nature…connect with the universe…to rejuvenate…to find peace…to heal…to clear our minds…to hold hands and reaffirm our love for each other…and just to be.

And this according to Mary!  Feel free to share your favorite water/ocean experiences!!!


The Layers of the Soul

On May 12 we were walking in nature looking for pictures to help us with our blog when Mary gave us another message to share.  This time it was an image of a painting  The Last Supper and Mary lifted it off and underneath was a completely different image. She was showing us a different level of beauty at this level. The image that was below was more complex and sophisticated. She was comparing surface beauty with inner beauty and the beauty of the heart and soul. The image below had little compartments highlighting the sophistication aspect. Each of the individual compartments would hold a new layer or level of beauty. She wants us to look at each individual person from this perspective. Each person has beauty on the surface but we need to see that inside of each of us there is a truly beautiful magnificent soul  with many, many layers to it– love,  compassion, joy, peace,  generosity, strength, inspiration, forgiveness, creativity,  gentleness and  wisdom just to name a few.  The list is endless!

The Sun is Love

It was another beautiful morning on April 15 when we sat down once again to channel Mary Magdalene. The love of my life (who I will call “C”) held my hand…we listened to the trickling sounds of our fountain…clearing our minds…putting ourselves in a relaxed state…we began to drift…and we connected with Mary!

She provided me with an image and a message…the image this time was that of the Sun…and the message “The Sun is love”.  She wanted to convey the message that there is healing properties that come from the sun…something most of us know already, but sometimes forget.  If you are feeling sad or depressed, or if your thoughts are consumed with the lessons you are currently learning, take some time to embrace the suns healing energy…yes good old vitamin D…of course it’s more than the nutrients we receive from the sun, it’s that the sun can raise your vibrations.

Think about how the Sun makes you feel, think about the warmth it provides, think about how it lifts your spirits and helps reduce your stress…think about how you feel when it is not around…it’s pretty powerful don’t you think?

Mary wanted to remind us, as individuals, that life isn’t perfect and we need to take those moments to embrace the healing energy of the sun…as couples enjoy the experience together…use that opportunity to grow closer and share with each other…hold each others hand…share a smile and a thoughtful glance…simply sharing the moment while being together in the sun…

…and this is according to Mary!

As always feel free to share, comment, or ask questions!