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Stay Calm And Find Joy During Stressful Times

DSC_8184Today’s message from Mary is to find calmness and joy in times of stress and  hecticness.  Scott and I are very bad at this sometimes. We have had some stressful situations lately and have not always stayed calm and still found joyful things to do.  Mary wants to remind us all to find things to do  that calm you and add to your joy. The journey of life was supposed to be fun too.  We love to walk in nature, go birding, play musical instruments and Scott likes to take pictures. And don’t forget 8 magic words to instantly raise your vibration “What A Wondrous, Glorious, Loving Day It Is” from our December 6 post to instantly raise your vibration.

Believing Is Seeing!. . . . And This According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!


Pet Love

2013-08-07 15.26.50Scott and I had just sat down and had started the process of channeling when my kitty jumped up on my sofa and began rubbing her head against Scott’s hand to self-pet as kitties do. So once again Mary’s message is to love your pets and the joy and bond of pet ownership. Whatever message Mary might have wanted to send that day I am sure will be coming soon. You can thank my kitty for taking over the topic. Enjoy and love your pets.

And this is According to Mary!