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Be Kind

DSC_1481Today’s message from Mary is to be kind to one another.  As a kid I remember the beautiful songs of the 60’s that talked about being kind to everyone. I sang them happily and tried to practice kindness myself.  Sometimes we forget and get busy with our life but a little kindness goes a long way to making the world a better place to live in.

And this is According To Mary!

The Kindness of Strangers


So… we are all on a journey. We are at different stages in our lives. We are taking different paths. Some of us know where we are going. Some of us think we know where we are going. Some of us know where we are going, but don’t really want to go Some of us think we are lost, but yet right around the corner is the answer to many of our questions. It’s exciting in a way isn’t it?

We travel alone… we travel with another… we travel in groups. Although in many ways we never travel alone. Even if we feel we are alone there tends to be someone with us…and at the very least we meet others along the way.

In a recent message from Mary she wanted to let us know that during our travels…even for those of us who are incredibly focused, and especially for those of us who feel incredibly lost she wanted to remind us to be kind to those who we meet during our travels.

Being kind to others is an amazing way to spread positive energy. It’s an amazing way to have an impact on others and help others heal. It’s an amazing way to help heal ourselves and increase our own positivity, energy and vibrations.

Even as our journey takes us through WordPress feel free to be positive with each other. How many times have you stumbled upon a blog where someone is in pain, someone is depressed, or they just seem like they need a bit of compassion. Reach out to them. Let them know that what they are feeling is ok…let them know the journey will continue…let them know there can and will be happiness and love.

Make it a habit. Share your peace, share your love, and share your positive energy.

…and this is according to Mary!

Where Do You Find Beauty?

Where do you find Beauty?

This is the statement that came to me to me as I was channelling Mary Magdalene.  It was a quick message…Mary started showing me images people…their faces really.

It was almost as if she was showing me a flipbook…the kind you used to make as a child (or maybe that was just me)…each page had a different face…not a single face that I could recognize as someone I knew, but yet there was a familiarity to each and every one of them.

She showed me images of men, and women…children and elderly…faces of all ages…all races…and from geographic locations all over the world.  She showed me people at various stages of their lives…some were those of people who have really lived and you could see it in their faces…others who were shy and scared, they seemed afraid to live. Some faces were attractive…others you might consider less attractive…but the feeling that came over me was there was beauty in each and every individual she was showing me

Mary told me the answer to the question “Where do you find beauty?”  We find it within each other!  It comes from within…it is internal.  Each and every one of us has such immense beauty…this can coming shining through for all to see…this is something we should harness..embrace…enjoy…share…and be proud of.

You are beautiful! Amazingly Beautiful!!!

And this is according to Mary!