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The Dance of Pet Ownership


Mary’s message today is that our pets communicate with us. From the purr of a contented kitty to the look on a dog’s face when you arrive home and he is about to be walked. Our pets are constantly communicating with us. There is a beautiful language going on between a pet and their owner. Enjoy it as your love your pet.

And this is according to Mary!

Hopefully your Heart is melting

Snowy Heart

Snowy Heart

For those of us who are just coming into spring we hope your heart is melting…that and the ice and snow.  The days are getting longer, the temperatures are slowly (and I do mean slowly) rising.  We now have hope…Spring is officially here and soon the weather to support it will be too.

So if you feel you have been waiting longer than most winters to embrace the wonders of spring it’s time to look toward you heart and start enjoying those spring activities….get out and enjoy the air, enjoy the signs of spring…embrace nature and all that comes with this time of year!

…and this is according to Mary!

Take a look around

Look around

Take a look around…look at what you have…are you happy?  Do you have enough?  Are you content with what you have? Do you want more? Do you need more?  There’s a difference isn’t there?

…in a recent message from Mary she wanted us to ask these questions…because when is enough, enough.  There’s a fine line between happiness and selfishness.

We seem to live in a time when instant gratification is part of the culture.  Let’s face it, if there’s something that pops into your head at 2:00 am you can pretty much log on and order it right then and there.  We’ve turned into a disposable culture.

Mary wanted us to think about the things in life that truly make us happy.  It’s not the material possessions is it?  Those are the nice to haves.  It’s the things in our lives that are truly rewarding.  The people, the work that we do, the impact we have on others.  It’s appreciating the gifts that the universe and nature provides…as compared to the things that we can buy.

…so Mary wanted us to stop and take a look around….what are the things that we need in life and what are the things in our lives that we can do without.  Look inward for your happiness…look to your loved ones…look for the gifts that nature provided…including our furry little friends :-)…look for true happiness as compared to selfishness…because usually happiness helps and heals you and others…meanwhile selfishness can harm and hurt yourself and others.

…and this is according to Mary!

Planting the seed


Waching your garden grow

A frequent underlying message that Mary sends is to love yourself.  You can do this in many ways.  The simplest way is to take care of yourself.

In a recent message Mary sent the image of the way we used to farm.  It was a in the days where it was done by hand.  Families would farm small plots of land and grow enough food for themselves and their neighbours to get everyone through the year.  It was hard work and it was challenging, but it was pure, honest, and healthy.

The image then changed to the farming methods of today where huge companies control the process.  The process is far from pure… as chemicals are used in the form of fertilizers and pesticides…the DNA of the seeds have been altered to increase higher crop yields and the seeds are genetically mutated to ward off insects and spoilage.

It’s the world we now live in and it’s a bit scary.   We don’t know what the long term effects are of these genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), and worse yet we have little say in the matter.  As citizens we have never been consulted, yet at the same time we vote in favour of GMO’s every time we visit a grocery store and unknowingly purchase these products.

Mary is reminding us to pay attention to what we eat and take better care of ourselves.  If at all possible do a bit of homework and seek out products that are healthier for us. If we have the means, spent the little bit extra to purchase organic and non-GMO products.  If at all possible communicate to your local government officials and express your concern about food labelling or lack thereof…organize small groups if you think that will help to communicate your concerns…make the healthier choices when you can…if you are lucky enough to own a small parcel of land consider growing your own by creating a small garden…for many of us spring is a few months around the corner, so this is the best time to start thinking and planning!

And this is according to Mary!

A Splash of Life

A Splash of Life

What does water represent to you?

Water is life.  Water represents the ebb and flow of life…it represents balance…it represents purity…it represents energy.  Without water there would be no life, or at least not the life that we know.  For those living in the Northern Hemisphere you may have recently experienced water in the form of snow…so many of us had the opportunity to shovel life:-)

In a recent message from Mary she wanted to remind us of the importance of water.  What it represents…how important it is and how fragile it can be.  Sometimes we take it for granted. For many of it seems to be all around us, and plentiful, but yet at the same time it is far from abundant. Think of the toxins that surround us and how easy it is for those toxins to enter our water supply. It kind of reminds me of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner “Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.”

So she wanted to remind us to take care of our water supply.  Look at our day to day habits.  Try to conserve what we have, try to reduce the chemicals and toxins we use that could easily seep into our water systems…the products we use to clean with…think about the things we pour down the drain…what are we throwing away that could leach into ground water…are we opting for convenience over environment…keep in mind how fragile the environment really is.  Love our water supply…love the earth…love each other.

…and this is according to Mary!

Instant Pain Relief

Fall Day

We always  begin our channeling sessions by “C” rubbing her finger or thumb on Scott’s hand to make contact with Mary.  His eyes are closed and he connects with Mary. . . usually a picture appears in his mind of what she wants to tell us.  This time when  I began rubbing Scott’s hand he at first felt of his aches and pains  of a late middle aged man. He has a few. (Ha. Ha.) Then he realized the pain was taken away by my touch, the more we connected through touch the more the pain subsided. Mary wants us to remember how beautiful and healing  the power of  touch is.

If anyone wants to go beyond simple touch I came across  (via the Collective Imagination Show) a free Ebook called Quantum-Touch—The Power To Heal by Richard Gordon.  Our  simple hands hold amazing powers!

And this is According To Mary!

Positive Energy – Where do you find it?

Enjoy your walk!

Enjoy your walk!

We all face negativity…maybe at work…maybe at home…maybe with friends…certainly in the media. When was the last time you heard a “good” news story…or when was the last time you watched a movie or show that didn’t have violence or negativity embedded in there somewhere?

So what can we do to recharge ourselves and counteract negative energy?  Mary wanted to remind us that embracing nature is a quick and easy fix that can have you feeling right as rain in no time.  Just taking a walk in a nature park, or on a trail…getting a little bit of earth under your feet can lift your vibrations almost instantly.

Open all of your senses to the experience…let your eyes take in the colours; the organic shapes; the wispy flow of the landscape; the perfect imperfections found in nature. Let your feet feel the crunching of the leaves; the crunching of freshly packed snow; the grittiness of dirt, rock or sand beneath your feet or between your toes.  Breath in the beauty of nature…each season has its unique blend of aromas that can take us back to a positive time in our lives. Listen to the waves, the tricking water, the wind, the birds and animals that are close by, listen to the positive energy that the earth can provide.

Can you feel your vibrations rising already? Can you feel the negativity melt away and a more positive energy taking over your body and soul?  Can you feel your blood pressure dropping and your outlook changing?   Sure you can:-)

Take advantage of the world around you.  Take that extra trip that gets you out of the city.  Take those extras few minutes to stop and embrace nature that may be in your own backyard.  Do it for you…do it for those you love…do it for your heart…do it for your soul…and share the experience with those you love and of course share your positive energy…it’s contagious!

…and this is according to Mary

Mood Check

Making the connection

Making the connection

How are you feeling today? Are you feeling a little lost? A little distant perhaps? It seems to be going around.

In a recent message from Mary she wanted to let us know that she recognises these feelings in many of us and she wants to provide a bit of guidance. Look inside…look to your heart…focus…search for what you know is right…search for love…search for truth…search for kindness…focus on the things that will allow you to connect with yourself, connect with the Earth…connect with love.

Look for ways to ground yourself by going barefoot in nature. Grounding allows you to connect with nature and absorb electrons from the Earth through the soles of your feet, which help your mood and help you heal.

Look for ways to distance yourself from the distractions that seem to take over that part of us that really knows what happiness looks like. Too often we fill the void, and moments of silence with useless stimulation when we should be taking that time to connect with our hearts and produce a higher vibration…produce love…and share that love. Instead we chase those shiny objects that divert our attention from the core of who we really are, and from our real purpose…which of course is…we are beings of truth…beings of love…with the unlimited ability to care for others and make this a better world.

…and this is according to Mary!

There’s not an “App” for that

An Apple worth waiting for

An Apple worth waiting for

I caught on the news the other day that Apple released its latest iPhone and in many cities around the world consumers lined up overnight, or in the early morning, so they could be the first to experience the latest apple product.

Yesterday “C” and I also decided to experience the latest apple product. We threw on some old clothes…drove for about an hour…parked the car and started to trot through a local no spray apple orchard.

We experienced the feeling of the dirt road under our feet…the feeling of the sun on our faces…a gentle cool breeze keeping us at a comfortable temperature as we started to pluck these beautiful orbs of goodness.

We felt the plump fruit in our hands as we snapped them off the trees…we felt the joy of climbing a ladder and stretching our arms to their full capacity to grab the biggest and plumpest apple on the tree. We filled our lungs with fresh air…and the sweet aroma of acres and acres of fresh fruit dangling from tree after tree.

We felt the connection to the earth….we felt the connection to nature…we stood and gazed at the beauty and bounty of what the earth provides us…and of course we tasted the deliciousness of several varieties of apples…the Granny Smith…the Macintosh…the Gravenstein.

We savoured the experience…we took in the sights, the sounds, the smells, and the feelings that went with our connection with nature.

Mary wanted to remind us of the bounty and purity of nature…the love that comes from the earth…the healing properties associated with good food, and with our connection with nature.

So take this opportunity to disconnect this weekend…go out and experience nature…I’m pretty sure there isn’t an app for that:-)

And this is according to Mary!!!

The Joys of Summer

End of Summer 015
In our neck of the woods we learned a long time ago to enjoy summer. It don’t take long before summer fades into fall, and winter seems to hang around way too long before spring decides to tease us with the illusion of warm and sunny weather (only to be fooled by damp and cool conditions)…anyway we still have a few more weeks of summer to go, but the nights already seem to show up way too early and the temperatures feel a little cooler than we’d like them to be…but as always we’ve taken full advantage of the great weather and what nature has to offer.

We’ve gone for walks in the woods, we’ve spent as much time as possible at ocean (of course we do that year round), and we’ve embraced the trees, the plants, and the wildlife of our area. I’ve even gotten a few golf matches in here and there. I’m really not an aggressive player…I don’t even keep score…I just enjoy being outside, walking around the course, taking in the nature around me…and in most cases the peace and quiet.
One of the interesting things about golf is that respectful players respect their environment. They tend to keep things peaceful; they try their best not to disturb their surroundings; and if they accidentally unearth a small piece of the course in the form of a divot they will make sure they find the small patch of grass and put it back in its place.

What an amazing concept…respecting our environment during play…too bad not all summer or outdoor activities are the same. During our travels this summer we also encountered noisy and reckless motorboats, jet skis, and all-terrain vehicles. Not that I want to deny anyone fun in the sun, but I always question enjoyment at the cost of others peace, the cost to the environment, and the potential disruption of ecosystems.

Anyway, for those of us who are in the final few weeks of summer continue to enjoy the beauty that summer has to offer…continue to love and respect the earth….continue to love and respect each other…and this is according to Mary.