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Take The Anger Out Of Conflict


Mary’s message today is one that I  have had lots of experience with. Her message today is to take the anger out of conflict. I am a work in progress certainly not there 100 percent myself. I had learned somewhere in my journey  to only respond  with love instead of anger. It was called being love. Instead of getting angry with someone you just be love regardless of whatever is thrown at you you respond by loving them anyway. It was certainly what Sananda (Jesus) taught. So at some point in my life I started to just respond with love regardless of what they had done to me. That had become a lot easier to do over time instead of getting angry at their actions I just didn’t and continued to love them. That certainly helps with angry outbursts I used to have after they had hurt me.   My son thinks I role modelled weakness but I am okay with it.  The other thing I do is set my intentions for the day. I  have changed what I say each morning instead of “What A Wondrous Glorious Loving Day” from our December 6 , 2015 post to  ” I intend a wonderful magnificent loving day and always  being thinking acting and talking  in a positive way.”  I picture my day going well. We co created our reality so this goes to help our day go smoothly.Instead of thinking about getting angry when things don’t go my way I say this statement and it instantly raises my vibration by acting thinking being and talking in a positive way. This is from Peter Olson’s Many of One Shows which I am studying. . We have a link. There is a little more to it. Try these magic words soon.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!

Don’t Let Others Drain Your Energy

DSC_5041Mary’s message today deals with energy and something I have lots of experience with during my crazy life. Mary’s message today is to be aware when you exchange energy with people you are not letting your energy be drained. My ex and my son are both fire signs so there was always lots of strong energy exchanged in our house.  (I jokingly say what was I thinking 2 fire signs  in my home many years ago when I was planning my life.) They are both very strong willed and both  wanted the last word in any disagreements they would have. I would be sucked into their energy vortex many times and lowered my vibration without even knowing it. I am ruled by Pieces and just wanted peace but I would be sucked into their disagreements and soon I would be angry too  and lowering my vibration. I knew a few coping mechanisms like healing in nature, exercise, upbeat music. or playing music myself. Over the years I have added meditation, statements like “What a wondrous glorious loving day it is” to  instantly raise my vibration. from our Dec. 6 blog “Quick 8 Words To Raise  Your Vibration.” The other point Mary wants to make is to recognize when this is happening and not let it. Also this works in the reverse make sure you don’t intentionally bring someone’s vibration down unnecessarily. This happened to me personally recently while talking to a friend I realized I was lowering her vibration and mine by talking about my crazy past. I immediately apologized and changed the conversation to a higher vibration.

Believing Is Seeing . . . .And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!

Don’t Cocoon This Winter

DSC_8522Mary’s message today is for those of you experiencing winter and want to stay home and cocoon.  Mary wants you to embrace the elements and enjoy winter all the beauty it has to offer. Scott and I are quite used to doing this. Just yesterday a few hours after a snowstorm we made it to a local park for a beautiful winter walk. The trees were majestic with their snow covered magic. Usually by the time we get to the woods the snow may have melted a bit. Scott is tall and he even had to move the branches  from the trail as they hung so low with snow. Not many people were out yet so we had the park almost to ourselves. It was surreal the quiet stillness of the woods. It will be a high point of our winter walks this year and it was only a plan B.  We had started for the ocean but realized the lot where we park was not plowed yet and being old we didn’t want to get stuck so we opted for plan B a city park. We never thought to bring the camera so this picture today is from a cold, cold day last year. It was so cold I thought my face had frozen a bit. We always wear warm clothing. Don’t forget all of the elements like wind heal us  and raise our vibration because we are made from Mother Nature  and you can still ground (connecting with the earth to heal) with your boots on. So take Mary’s advice get out enjoy winter.

Believing Is Seeing . . . .And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!

Winter Therapy


Mary’s message today is about even though it is getting cold outside you still need to get out and embrace nature. Nature is very healing,. We are all part of Mother Nature. Even  when the seasons change  we still need to bundle up and go for walks  in the woods or along the beach.  We are made of her so she can heal us just by being in her. Think how good you feel after a walk in your local  park or  on a beach.  Being in Mother Nature raises your vibration so you feel happier. Scott and I didn’t get out this weekend and I feel it myself today. We had to stay inside and clear out my basement for a contractor coming to my house to do some work. (That is why this message is a day late too. So sorry.)

And this is According To Mary!

Natural Ways To Cope This Winter


Mary’s message today is for  those of us now dealing with Winter. Shorter days mean less daylight.  We are more susceptible to depression.  Embrace the Sunshine if you can.  Scott and I make sure we get out on every sunny Winter day on the weekend and go for beautiful Winter walks.    We even open the car sunroof and just enjoy the feel of the sunny day.  Sometimes we will add Beach Boy music or summer themed songs and  sing along.  The Sun makes you feel alive again.  Walking not only keeps us healthy but mentally stable too.  We walk in any weather just dress appropriately for it. When you exercise your body releases endorphins which are a feel good hormone and helps keep you happy  in the Winter. If getting outside is impossible because of the cold or too much snow I have a portable day lamp for Seasonal Afftective  Disorder  which I pull out and we stand in front of for a short amount of time.  It helps elevate your mood naturally.  We put on good music or I  play an instrument while we stand there to help make time pass. We also  watch  only funny movies and sitcoms. A good belly roll heals everything. That has been documented over the years. Dramas do not put you in a higher vibration. Another thing we do is eat very healthy lots of veggies and fruits.  Stay away from junk food it is filled with preservatives, sugar, bad fats and GMO’s. I know from experience eating junk food does not elevate your mood. If you must have chocolate  look for a high  percentage cocoa find quality brand made from real ingredients  not chemicals.

And this is According To Mary!

Twenty Three Thousand Times a Day


Yes, that’s right we breath in 23,000 breathes of air every day.  I haven’t counted them personally, but I did look it up online.  Imagine how many of those take place indoors.  In your home, in your apartment, in your car, in your office or place of employment, in your school, in a mall.  Just given the way we live our lives the answer has to be “the majority”.

So Mary wanted to remind us to embrace nature. She wants us to seek out those places where the air is as clean and clear as it can be.  Look for wide open spaces.  Look for wooded areas.  Any place where there is a lot of vegetation, or close to water.  Any place that has a natural filtration system.  Fill those lungs with the purity of fresh clean air.  Your body, your heart and your mind will thank you for it!

…And this is according to Mary!

Here Comes the Sun

Embrace the Sun

Embrace the Sun


I hope it’s a beautiful day where you are. It is here. The sun is out, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful and so are you…some of you might remember those lyrics depending on your generation Our plan for this weekend is to just go out and embrace the sun…just soak it up…the sun light…maybe even the moonlight (actually I’m not even 100% sure where we are in the moon cycle…it’s been such a crazy and busy few months). We are just going to draw on the energy of the sun and heal ourselves with its warmth.
…anyway Mary wanted to remind us of how important it is to draw energy from the sun. How important it is to get out there and recharge your batteries….clear your head…refocus where you are right now…take the time…take the moment…draw on that energy and let it wash over you…let it ignite your passions….let it wash away the crazy and fill your heart with peace and love…reconnect with the sun and the moon and all the nature in between…connect with the earth, the stars and the sun…use it to heal and use it to guide you…love your life, love yourself…the beauty that is you!!!
…and this is according to Mary!!!

Somewhere over the Waterfall…I mean Rainbow

Rainbow and Main Falls at Victoria Falls

So how is your week going? Your month…or even your year? We hope things are positive and peaceful.

Life has a way of taking us on a bit of a rollercoaster ride…or in this case a trip somewhere down the crazy river (there’s a Robbie Robertson reference in there somewhere). We have our ups… we have our downs…and for many of us the downs seem more prevalent than the ups.

It can be tough to stay positive. It is easy to slip into a bit of a depressed state, which does not help our vibrations…it prevents us from healing…it prevents us from growing…and can prevent us from growing our love, or caring for the people we love.

In a recent message from Mary she showed me a waterfall…and if you think of a waterfall it can start off as a slow moving river…maybe even relaxing to stat with….but then it begins to speed up. At first you can back paddle a bit…you can hold your own…but then you start to lose ground. The strength of the water starts to take over…you begin to panic…you don’t have the strength to fight the power of the river anymore. You end up getting swept up by the currents…you have lost control…the calmness of the water is long gone and you are now engulfed in the rapids. There is tension, stress and turmoil…and you end up going over the waterfall.

Does this feel familiar?

I’m sure we have all gone through a similar sensation several times in our lives. But the other part of the image that Mary shared with me was that quite often at the end of the waterfall there is a rainbow in the mist…that there is a positive…that there is beauty…there is joy…and although you have just been through a traumatic experience…an experience where you have lost control, felt helpless, and you have been put through the ringer…well… there is the next phase in your journey…and it can be a beautiful thing.

You can rise from your depression…you can raise your vibrations…you can continue to heal….and you can continue to love and grow.

Examine your journey…learn from it…look inward towards your heart and know that things will get better…that life will go on and you will make it through the waterfall.

Embrace the rainbow!

…and this is according to Mary.