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Be Careful Some Music Is Dark


Today our message from Mary is all about music and how the wrong music lowers our vibration. Unfortunately not all music was /is created the same. We don’t realize the meaning of the lyrics and its affect on us and how we behave in society. Many songs on the charts have hidden meanings that we don’t understand and we listen without question. Sex, the occult or Satanism or a different Spiritual meaning are themes we listen to without question Even C listened to Michael Jackson songs for many years not knowing the power of those lyrics and videos he made.  C  once saw a disclaimer once where he apologized for the darkness of a video he  once made.There is lots of info on You Tube on this. We used The Vigilant Citizen on You Tube to write this blog but there are lots being exposed  there.  So please take Mary’s advice and question what you listen to. Scott and I listen to Classical music, freedom songs of the 60’s, 70’s and New Age too. And we love to make our own music too. Singing is free, a  recorder or ukulele doesn’t cost much. I am teaching Scott an instrument and he can’t believe how much fun it is and how it instantly raises his vibration.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada!)

Sound Is Healing

DSC_6820Mary’s message today deals with the Healing Power of Music. Music raises our vibration. The energy or noise coming out of an instrument or voice is healing.   Sound is healing. Playing an instrument or singing is healing.  I have had so much joy from playing musical instruments and singing in my life–I was healing myself from my problems and raising my vibration. Listening to great music is healing too.  Make sure you choose the right music to listen to. Not all music is created equal. There is lots of low vibration music out there.  It was made to keep us down and in a low vibration. Stay away from that. We enjoy Classical, freedom songs of the 70’s, fiddle, and New Age music.

And This Is According To Mary!

The Beauty of Music

The Love of Music

Often when I channel Mary I start with a blank slate…I‘m holding “C’s” hand to help guide me and ground me…I start putting thoughts out of my mind…focusing on the sound of trickling water…taking my focus deeper and deeper…I’m usually faced with darkness once my mind is clear.

This morning I went through the same process…once my mind was clear and I stood in darkness. I then saw a window…light started to shine through that window…the window began to open and enlarge…the light became stronger and filled my mind’s eye…as more light came through the window, so did instruments…at first I saw a fiddle, or violin…then more instruments…trumpets and trombones…and musicians were carrying these instruments… the more musicians that entered the more positive the energy …I could feel my vibration rising even before they took to the stage…the room I was in had turned into an auditorium…I knew that the type of music I was about to hear would be healing.

The message that Mary wanted me to convey was that music can be healing.  Not all music…there are songs and genres of music that will lower your vibrations…the type of music that will keep you chained to negative emotions, anger or sadness.  Seek out positive uplifting music…Music that takes you to a higher level and that promotes healing, peace, and love.  Think about how you feel after listening to rap song about violence, or a “somebody done me wrong” song. Then think about how you feel after listening to a piece of Classical Music, or Spa type music. Which of these makes you happier?

For those of you who want to learn more about the different vibrations of life and how they affect human emotions and behaviour check out Dr. David Hawkins — Power Vs. Force. Dr. Hawkins has developed a scale to map out the different vibrations of not just music but life itself.


And this is according to Mary!