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There Is Energy From The Moon

DSC_2758Today’s message from Mary is all about the energy you can get from the moon. The moon is a reflection of the sun so there is energy to get from it. Scott and I are big moonlight walkers. We have always felt empowered by it. Moon energy is best received on clear nights. We are going into Winter here soon in our neck of the woods complete with days that get dark early. For us this is prime time for walking under the moon and stars. So feel the power and take a walk under moonlight.

And This Is According To Mary!

Help For Depression

DSC_7045Mary’s message today deals with Depression. Mary knows many of you suffer from it and she wants to help you. She wants you to look for the light. With Depression you tend to focus on the dark but Mary says you should focus on the light and the positive in your life. Look for the good things in it. Let go of negative memories and focus on what is good in your life. I  don’t have Depression myself but have had such a hard life that I too have to focus on the positive things that have happened to me– music, a beautiful partner  later in life and  a few good friends. I would never get out of bed if I focused on the negative things that have happened to me. The other thing I do is to not think about how I feel and just get out of bed dragging my feelings behind me. I heard that technique many years ago on the radio. Another thing that has helped my mood is staying off white sugar. Too much sugar can cause mood swings. Years ago I read a book called Sugar Blues. White sugar can be quite dangerous. Scott and I treat ourselves on special occasions with treats like cake. Stevia is a wonderful  natural sweetener we use. Also a deficiency in certain vitamins can cause depression. Dr. Mercola at http://mercola.com  has lots of the latest info on nutrition. Getting enough sunshine safely which certain helps depression. We follow Dr. Mercola’s sunshine protocol. Get plenty of exercise too. Your body releases feel good chemicals called endorphins. Get out into Mother Nature too as she heals us. Walk barefoot on the ground called grounding. A good night sleep is very helpful. For occasional sleepless nights try Melatonin which is natural. We use sleep music with ocean sounds and Scott has a moonbeam clock which wakes him up naturally. The Hollow Earth Network has lots of new natural healing supplements which I have just started on two products myself. We have a link on this site. One more thing Scott and I take drops of oxygen put into water. It can help with your mood to and help lots of ailments.

And This Is According To Mary!

Our Healing Sun


Mary’s message today is about the sun.  We get a lot of energy from the sun. It is very healing and will make you feel positive and happy. Don’t be afraid of it.  I have  always loved the sun even when the doctors were telling us to stay out of it.  I intuitively knew how could something that felt  so good so beautiful be bad for us.  So I enjoyed the sun my entire life.    Dr. Mercola (mercola.com)  has lots of great info on summer sunshine protocol for different skin types.   He says to find a natural  sunscreen that protects from  both UVA’s and UVB’s,  He also says there is some research showing that toxic sunscreens may even cause cancer.  In our neck of the woods it is winter but don’t let that stop you. Scott and I  get out every weekend to enjoy Mother Nature. The sunny days in the winter are the best because you appreciate l the feeling of the sun so much more. We dress appropriately and just lap up the sunshine. You feel so great afterwards.

And this is According To Mary!