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It’s As Easy As Touch

Mary’s message today is all about our ability to heal ourselves and others with our touch. I know it seems hard to believe that we have such a power just in our hands. Scott and I have witnessed our own ability on each other. We each have various body parts which have been injured over the years and just wear and tear from usage. When I met Scott I had several knee area injuries in both legs. Every night Scott would place his hands on my knees and just hold his hands there. Sometimes he would gently massage the area. I would go from an aching pain in both knee areas to pain free! He over time healed me of this injury. And now I can use my knees again pain free. If it flares up a gentle touch or massage from Scott is all I need. And when other injuries crop up I self care by placing my hand on that body part for instant pain relief. For example an old rotator cuff injury can flare up and I just put my opposite hand on it to relieve the pain. It is that easy.

And this is According to Mary!