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When Mother Nature Appears Appreciate It

DSC_3999Last night Scott and I were walking barefoot on the beach in the water grounding ourselves by connecting with Mother Nature. Two beautiful loons appeared in the water hunting for supper. We just stopped to admire their beauty and color. They had a regal presence about them. We wondered if they were a couple or just two friends hanging out or two siblings. They brought an unexpected peace and tranquility to our walk. Mary’s message today is when Mother Nature unexpectedly shows up to appreciate it connect with it. Remember we are made from Mother Nature so she heals us and raises our vibration.

And This Is According To Mary!

Keep Love, Peace & Joy Going After January 1


Mary Magdalene’s message today deals with the Love, Peace and Joy for mankind we profess during the Christmas season and then forget about it after January 1.  Why would you build it up — Love, Peace and Joy and then let it go after the season has passed. We need to carry it forth year round for everyone.  Mary Magdalene is the wife of Jesus so she has a connection to the first Christmas her opinion should be respected we think. So after the holidays are over keep the Love, Peace and Joy toward mankind going!

And this is According To Mary!




Planting the seed


Waching your garden grow

A frequent underlying message that Mary sends is to love yourself.  You can do this in many ways.  The simplest way is to take care of yourself.

In a recent message Mary sent the image of the way we used to farm.  It was a in the days where it was done by hand.  Families would farm small plots of land and grow enough food for themselves and their neighbours to get everyone through the year.  It was hard work and it was challenging, but it was pure, honest, and healthy.

The image then changed to the farming methods of today where huge companies control the process.  The process is far from pure… as chemicals are used in the form of fertilizers and pesticides…the DNA of the seeds have been altered to increase higher crop yields and the seeds are genetically mutated to ward off insects and spoilage.

It’s the world we now live in and it’s a bit scary.   We don’t know what the long term effects are of these genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), and worse yet we have little say in the matter.  As citizens we have never been consulted, yet at the same time we vote in favour of GMO’s every time we visit a grocery store and unknowingly purchase these products.

Mary is reminding us to pay attention to what we eat and take better care of ourselves.  If at all possible do a bit of homework and seek out products that are healthier for us. If we have the means, spent the little bit extra to purchase organic and non-GMO products.  If at all possible communicate to your local government officials and express your concern about food labelling or lack thereof…organize small groups if you think that will help to communicate your concerns…make the healthier choices when you can…if you are lucky enough to own a small parcel of land consider growing your own by creating a small garden…for many of us spring is a few months around the corner, so this is the best time to start thinking and planning!

And this is according to Mary!

Who can turn the world on with their smile?

I see a Smile

I see a Smile

Ok… while some would disagree that animals can technically smile, true animal lovers know that they can.  Every time your dog gets excited when you walk into the room…any time you see the excited wag of their tail…any time you seem your dog rush to the car because they know they are being taken on a trip, or for a walk you are seeing them smile.  Any time your kitty snuggles up in your lap…or comes looking for loving…or finds that spot in the bed that makes them super comfortable (usually between your feet and typically at the expense of your own comfort)..Any time you hear that engine start to purr….you know that they are happy; therefore you know that they are smiling.

This week Mary wanted to remind us of that smile…remind us of the love our pet shares with us…remind us of the happiness we get from those smiles and that love…and the smile our pets tend to put on our own faces.

Continue to smile with your pet as your pet smiles with you…benefit from their healing energy…and embrace their friendship, their unconditional love and their companionship.

…and this is according to Mary!

The Kindness of Strangers


So… we are all on a journey. We are at different stages in our lives. We are taking different paths. Some of us know where we are going. Some of us think we know where we are going. Some of us know where we are going, but don’t really want to go Some of us think we are lost, but yet right around the corner is the answer to many of our questions. It’s exciting in a way isn’t it?

We travel alone… we travel with another… we travel in groups. Although in many ways we never travel alone. Even if we feel we are alone there tends to be someone with us…and at the very least we meet others along the way.

In a recent message from Mary she wanted to let us know that during our travels…even for those of us who are incredibly focused, and especially for those of us who feel incredibly lost she wanted to remind us to be kind to those who we meet during our travels.

Being kind to others is an amazing way to spread positive energy. It’s an amazing way to have an impact on others and help others heal. It’s an amazing way to help heal ourselves and increase our own positivity, energy and vibrations.

Even as our journey takes us through WordPress feel free to be positive with each other. How many times have you stumbled upon a blog where someone is in pain, someone is depressed, or they just seem like they need a bit of compassion. Reach out to them. Let them know that what they are feeling is ok…let them know the journey will continue…let them know there can and will be happiness and love.

Make it a habit. Share your peace, share your love, and share your positive energy.

…and this is according to Mary!

The Joys of Summer

End of Summer 015
In our neck of the woods we learned a long time ago to enjoy summer. It don’t take long before summer fades into fall, and winter seems to hang around way too long before spring decides to tease us with the illusion of warm and sunny weather (only to be fooled by damp and cool conditions)…anyway we still have a few more weeks of summer to go, but the nights already seem to show up way too early and the temperatures feel a little cooler than we’d like them to be…but as always we’ve taken full advantage of the great weather and what nature has to offer.

We’ve gone for walks in the woods, we’ve spent as much time as possible at ocean (of course we do that year round), and we’ve embraced the trees, the plants, and the wildlife of our area. I’ve even gotten a few golf matches in here and there. I’m really not an aggressive player…I don’t even keep score…I just enjoy being outside, walking around the course, taking in the nature around me…and in most cases the peace and quiet.
One of the interesting things about golf is that respectful players respect their environment. They tend to keep things peaceful; they try their best not to disturb their surroundings; and if they accidentally unearth a small piece of the course in the form of a divot they will make sure they find the small patch of grass and put it back in its place.

What an amazing concept…respecting our environment during play…too bad not all summer or outdoor activities are the same. During our travels this summer we also encountered noisy and reckless motorboats, jet skis, and all-terrain vehicles. Not that I want to deny anyone fun in the sun, but I always question enjoyment at the cost of others peace, the cost to the environment, and the potential disruption of ecosystems.

Anyway, for those of us who are in the final few weeks of summer continue to enjoy the beauty that summer has to offer…continue to love and respect the earth….continue to love and respect each other…and this is according to Mary.

How’s your Heart?

Snowy Heart

Snowy Heart

What guides you? Is it your head or your heart? Obviously there are many tasks and decisions where it would be a good idea if your head was involved. You would never hop in your car, close your eyes and let your heart do the driving…at least I would hope not.

But as you travel through your journey you certainly wouldn’t want your decisions to be completely data driven…you need your heart involved….you need to tap into that strength, power and love from within to help guide you through your decision making process. Are the decisions you are making good for you, your loved ones, and for your environment.

We are constantly being bombarded by media, news, entertainment and marketing telling us what the world should be like…what is good for us… and what will make us happy. The scary thing is we often turn on our cruise control and we end up absorbing the media we are being exposed to…perception become reality… and the unsolicited data becomes our truth.

I guess I’m asking us to look deeper…look inside…question what is being presented to us and dig deeper for the truth.

In a recent vision I saw a window, as the vision progressed light began to pour through the window and it began to touch my heart…I could the rise in my vibration; I could feel love flow through my body; I could feel a sense of healing and truth.

The message from Mary was to tap into your heart…use that energy…use the love from within to grow, heal and discover.

…and this is according to Mary!

Smile…It’s contagious!

Think of the people you love…when they smile how does it make you feel? Hopefully it fills your heart with happiness, and your soul with peace and contentment. Maybe you know why your friend or family member is smiling…maybe you don’t …maybe they are smiling because you walked in the room and you just changed the energy that there were experiencing before you arrived. Hopefully your energy changes the second you saw their facial expression change to joy and happiness…maybe their eyes lit up as well…the eyes and the lips are often connected aren’t they?

I know when I look at “C” and I see that amazing smile…I always go to her eyes next…I love looking at the life, joy, and love in her eyes…there are moments when I can no longer hear what she is saying because I’m completely lost in the moment…I’ve been captured by her smile…and hypnotised by her eyes…these are such beautiful and amazing moments.

This was one of the most recent messages from Mary. She sent along several, but this is the one I felt like sharing today. The image she showed me was of that of someone smiling, and how healing and beautiful a smile can be when shared between two people. The message was short and simple, but oh so powerful. On days when you are down, and days when your energy is low, look to your friends, family, and loved ones to lift your vibration with a simple smile…read everything you can into that smile, don’t take it for granted…there is love in that smile…thrive off of the energy of that smile…and smile right back!

And this is according to Mary!

Treat yourself to your thoughts

How in tune are you with your higher self?  Where do you go to find peace?  Is it a physical location or do you find it from within yourself?  What do you do, and where do you go when you need to find calmness?  Do you notice when you are stressed and tense that you are not breathing poperly?  Do the noises around you become overwhelming at times?  Do you find it difficult to unplug from the world, and at the same time feel anxiety staying connected? Are you being selfish by dealing with the issues around you instead of raising your vibrations?

The answers to all of these questions came to me in a message from Mary…the vision that came to me was of a woman meditating…she was at one with herself…she was healing…she was love…she was beauty…she was peace.

She had positive and enlightened energy that flowed through her…of course most of us know the power and healing properties of meditation…the bliss that comes from the silence…the rhythm of our breathing…the relaxing effect of going deeper into our peaceful thoughts…there is oodles of information out there on the topic…but Mary did want to remind us about the beauty, therapeutic and healing aspects of mediation.

So if you haven’t had a chance to meditate lately take the time…treat yourself…and heal your body, mind and soul.

Feel free to share your favorite meditation links, suggestions, or gurus!

To Health, Love, and Healing

The next image Mary revealed reminded me of a piece of concrete, similar to a patio stone of some type.  It was strong, it was beautiful, but it was also damaged…I could see the cracks…there was clearly some damage to the stone…but then Mary showed the stone repairing itself…the cracks were no more…as if she had healed the stone.

The message dealt with relationships in general…there are times in our lives when we put stress and strain on the people we love…and sometime the pressure we put on these relationships can lead to damage…Mary wanted me to tell you that sometimes when we are going through trials and tribulations, and when it seems that damage has been caused, it is never too late to heal a relationship.  I know recently both C and myself were dealing with a very stressful situation…it was rough…it was tense…it was stressful…but our love is strong and powerful…our relationship is healthy…and I am deeply and madly in love…and she is too!

And this is according to Mary!!!