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Stop Directing Negative Energy To Others


Today’s message is all about a way to behave in this world. Mary’s message today is to stop directing negative energy towards others. There is too much  negative energy going on. Regardless of what happens try to just be love. I have a friend  since we were teenagers I am a little hurt by for not visiting me last summer or calling. I had to reach out to her to get a response. Anyway instead of telling her how hurt I am by her actions. I will respond with a loving email not telling her how disappointed I am that she couldn’t take five minutes  last summer to call me and tell me she couldn’t visit me this summer. I thought we were very close friends for life sharing many experiences of adoption and the crazy teenage aged years of adopted kids. She was there when my ex and I split up too. Please try to take Mary’s advice and respond with love as I will be doing.

One week later I realized I was coming down with the flu and just couldn’t be love no matter how hard I tried. The flu is weird and I am fine now to just be love.

Believing Is Seeing . . . . And This Is According To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)!


To Health, Love, and Healing

The next image Mary revealed reminded me of a piece of concrete, similar to a patio stone of some type.  It was strong, it was beautiful, but it was also damaged…I could see the cracks…there was clearly some damage to the stone…but then Mary showed the stone repairing itself…the cracks were no more…as if she had healed the stone.

The message dealt with relationships in general…there are times in our lives when we put stress and strain on the people we love…and sometime the pressure we put on these relationships can lead to damage…Mary wanted me to tell you that sometimes when we are going through trials and tribulations, and when it seems that damage has been caused, it is never too late to heal a relationship.  I know recently both C and myself were dealing with a very stressful situation…it was rough…it was tense…it was stressful…but our love is strong and powerful…our relationship is healthy…and I am deeply and madly in love…and she is too!

And this is according to Mary!!!