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Santa Claus Is Real

Hi everyone. We are taking a break over the holidays but we have a great show from the Hollow Earth Network for you to enjoy. Did you know Santa Claus is real! We didn’t either until a while back. He is an Ascended Master named St. Nicholas. He is here to bring joy to the children of the world.  C’s own sister saw him one Christmas and nobody ever believed her. She now feels happy to be believed after all these years.  The show was recorded December 23  and Santa was channeled through Nancy Tate and took calls from children.   Don’t be worried that Santa   and a few others  on the call spoke that it might be Santa’s last trip because we might not need him anymore because the world is changing for the better.  There are wonderful surprises ahead for humanity! Mary has assured us that this is a long timeline so we are guessing that St. Nicholas will be around as long as he is needed.


Peace, Love  and Happy New Year from Mary Magdalene, Scott and C!